Saturday, 2 April 2011

Grand Plan


Really. Thousand and millions of apology for the extremely long silence. My cooking and baking mojo is back, but not the blogging mojo. I'm not sure where she's gone to, so I'm dsperately trying very hard to get something decent written.

Maybe I should challenge myself ya, blogging-wise. Anyways, lots of stories and happenings this past few months, and they're at the back of my head, so cross fingers, I hope to have time to put them into words here.

Yes I know, it's April already (can't believe how fast time flies!!) but here I am still talking about a plan.

If last year the grand plan was all about setting up my own nest, this year it will be all about expanding my wings! To to show a few, let the pictures do the talking ya;) All pictures are Googled:)

Ok enough:) Don't wanna say much. But if you've popped by here to my blog and read my twitter feed ( I tweet all the time!) then you'd have guessed.

Insya-Allah, right now still planning and gathering information. But really looking forward to it.

See ya soon!:)


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