Thursday, 19 January 2012


Salam to all,

Yepps, this travelogue is taking way more time to finish than I originally anticipated. Thousand apologies for that. Bukan apa, makin lama delay story, makin banyak detail kita tak ingat.

So what I'm thinking this that like previous posts, there will be more photos than yapping ok?

Anyways, we departed from Newcastle late in the evening, and along the way, we popped by at Bambaugh Castle and spent quite a while there enjoying the view and click-clicking away on our cameras.

Soon enough, we were at the England-scotland border:

We drove along the north-east coastline, and were accorded nice view before it got too dark. We arrived in Edinburgh around 2 hours later and immediately checked into the Edinburgh Musselburgh Travelodge. We had dinner, and immediately rested for the night.

The next morning, we checked out early and headed to the Edunburgh city centre. It was a very nice day, and of course, we went as near as we could get to The Royal Mile. It was a Sunday, and we heard it could be difficult to get parking. But thank god, we managed to find one near the Edinburgh Museum.

Here are some photos:

keluar keta terus mau posing! Chaittt!!
Walked a short distance, right into The Royal Mile, heading towards the main attraction, Edinburgh Castle.

It's on top of a hill, you can practically see it from any location in the city. A very well-preserved site, and beautiful to boot.

View of the city from the castle compound.

OK sudah-sudah ler..:))...Time to get back down and explore the city. So many tourists and we were lucky as it was such a nice day. Eh chupp!! Two last photos of the Castle!:))

Anyway we then made our way between the cobbledstone streets and old buildings right into the University of Edinburgh's campus! Walked around with no proper destinantion, we just basked in the view of this old city.

Grand Mosque of Edinburgh. We actually singgah and had lunch at the nearby Pakistani restaurant after that.

Ambik this group pf photos tah dari mana eh?? Ya ampun dah tak ingat dah! But I know it's quite central because the Edinburgh HOHO buses start their tours there. And sorry, mak malas nak mengugel namanya hari ni:)

Dah tu pegi area ni pulak la: The Scott Monument

After that, I dashed off to search for that must place go:

Hehehhe... Well, the guy who served me at the counter is the loveliest person! So friendly! After making my must-buy items, went off back to the Scott Monument area where the rest were waiting.

Here's more nice view of Edinburgh:

Then we went back to Royal Mile for another round of basking-in-the-city feel, only to find that some parts were sealed off for a procession later that afternoon. Procession apa? Nobody knows. But cuci mata best! Contohnya:


Then before getting to the car, we got into the Museum to rest and get warm for a while, and had tea. This is what I ordered:

Cheese scone with butter and chutney, and downed that with Earl Grey tea. Very very nice!

Ok, one last photo before leaving Edin!

We then said goodbye to Edinburgh. truthfully, rasa tak puas. I just love the city! The people are good looking, friendly, and I know a lot more places should've gotten into our itinerary. Next: Glasgow!