Thursday, 23 December 2010

Life's Been Pretty Hectic

I'm taking a break from work right now, but after this will need to resume.

Must admit that yes, this new place is much much busier than the old place. I should've been confirmed by now, but my new Boss, as usual, does not seem to take any urgency into this yet. Oh well, sooner or later it will happen, InsyaAllah...
(Any other things I have in mind of her shall be in my own confidence, takut kantoi kang, bahaya kan..?)

Anyways, as it is towards the end of the year, that perpetual Year-End-Blues is setting in. The laziness towards work is stronger, but because of the many tasks to fulfill, have to suck it all up and muster the strength and the mental will to do them. If I had my way, I'll just spend the day surfing the net, catch up on my blog-hoppings, FB-ing and many other more interesting things but work. I guess it's the same sentiment with anybody else.

And oh yeah..of doing the year-end reflections. Flashes of memory of what 2010 has been to me keep popping up now and then, but I guess right now I can't afford the time to recount them. Perhaps in another entry when I'm relaxed at home.

Yes, 2010 has been an indeed eventful year for me. The biggest would of course, be finally moving in my own place. That is really something huh? And to think that I did all that all alone, without sharing the responsibility with a MAN, and without my relying on my family pitching in, money-wise, is something that I'm proud of. Of course, the family helped in other matters, especially when I'm moving in, but that doesn't count. So I guess, yes, I do have valid reasons to be proud of myself:)

This is just a rambling to take the steam off the work, so hope I can make a new entry very very soon. Promise!

Till then...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mi Casa-Sneak Peek


So this is what I've been busy for this past few weeks. Practically every weekend keluar rumah the whole day, driving here and there. Not to mention attending to family matters la:)

The pictures shown here are just to share sikit-sikit my new palace. Insya-Allah, next week dah nak pindah dah. Sekarang pun tengah buat final touches on the works. Ada lagi benda nak buat, but cross fingers everything is done by this weekend.

Just nak bagitau awal-awal, my rumah ni sederhana je, but it's a vision of my dream home. I take utmost consideration my lifestyle and the fact that I live with my kids, so kalau nak letak benda-benda macam pasu ke, decorative items like small trinkets ke, jangan harap la yer...Hehehehe...I want my place to be spacey so that the kids can run around. I haven't even decided if I want a coffee table pun. Tu kemudian hari la. Buat sikit-sikit bak kata orang.

Ooppss..banyak celoteh plak. I'll do this in a rather before-and-after sequence la ya..:)

My distended living room windows before.

And after I got a storage bench built there. Memang tak pasang cushion pun cause I can't decide on what material it should be of. Sebabnya, kalau guna fabric, takut anak-anak seronok kencingkan hahahaha...But I did buy some flat cushions which can be used as lapik kat situ. I envision sitting there petang-petang baca buku, or even of my Dad sitting there to read his papers. I got the windows tinted and installed with Invisible Grille as well. Then untuk lampu kat situ I chose the lampu berjuntai tu. Modern and simple. I love the crystal err..stick there hahahha. And as you can see, my coulouring concept is a combination of green and cream.

By the way, this is the view outside my window!!Hahahahaha..Duk berjiran dengan lembu dan kerbau tau!. For some people, the sight of those roaming cows and bulls might annoy them but not for me. I just love watching them graze on the grassfield outside our fences. And of course, there's that lake over there. Petang-petang, or time weekend, we can see people fishing and playing with the jetski kat tasik tu. Precious! I loike!

This is my kitchen-before. Still green. Mintak-mintak sejuk mata memandang ya!:)

And my kitchen partition after the installation of the sliding door. Sorry it's still messy in there. You can also see that I've installed the ventilation fan:)

And those three are of the rooms in the house! Motip banyak-banyak kaler kan?Hahahha... Anyway the first one with the top of a wardrobe is in the master bedroom. Saje je tunjuk siling, sebab syiok tengok lampu putih tu!:)..Lampu tu pun murah je. I got a good bargain (kot) as they cost me only RM29 each. OK la kan? In fact semua benda yang dibeli untuk letak kat rumah ni, most of them are of bargain price. That's why tak duk diam kat rumah time weekend, sebab pegi bargain-hunting and survey barang-barang tau!!

And finally, ni pulak lampu kat hallway. Suka kat lampu ni:)..harga pun OK la sederhana.

Ni je kot nak tunjuk sneak peek of my new casa. Even more excited as my family will be coming as well to help me settle down in this new place, and InsyaAllah, I will get my Dad to azankan rumah ni. Ye lah nak ambik berkat restu mak bapak kan? Ni kira hijrah jugak la;)

Apa-apa pun do pray that this house, along with other good things bring in more rezeki to me. Till the next time ya;)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

So Very Busy


My apologies again for being errant in updating this space of mine. Truth it, the office life is getting more hectic. Never mind, this is what I signed for when I accepted the offer at this new place. I have to keep up with the pace, and I still consider this, 5++ months down the road, still a learning period.

Busier still is my weekends. I barely have a restful one nowadays. My kids rarely see me staying put at home both on Saturdays and Sundays as I'm always out. but Mummy's doing it for our new palace la sayang;).

And yes, my Saturdays and Sundays are filled with activities related to the house. Just a quick update:

1. My tentative date of moving will be end of this month. Tentative is the operative word here.

2. I'm getting some works done to the house. Among them:
a. A new partition between the kitchen and the dining area. I'm installing a
sliding door as I want a limited access to the kitchen, especially from my

b. Installing glass panel throughout my stove area all the way to the front of
the kitchen sink. Hope it turns out ok. By the way these things are being
installed as we speak.

c. Instead of installing another sliding door/window to the backyard, I'm
settling for an outdoor wooden blind. I reckon this will bring more air and
still keeping my privacy;)

d. A sky-high shoe cabinet!! Hehehe..just exaggerating! But nice to have that
space to store my shoes, in case I decided to buy even more shoes in the

e. An 8-feet wardrobe in the master bedroom, with full mirror and an extra table.
Self-explanatory methink.

f. A storage bench along my distended living room windows. I'm especially
excited about that, cause that means I will be able to relax and read my
books whilst enjoying the lake view ouside that window:)

g. A TV panel from IKEA. But I'm kinda bummed that they cannot instantly send
it to my place as when I went there last Sunday, a few items ran out of
stock, so they have to wait for it to arrive before sending their contractor
to install it at my place. I have a definite design that I want, which
explains why I didn't bother looking at other places. Hmm...come to think of
it, maybe I should, huh?

h. I'm getting the walls repainted, and the feature wall be wall-papered. My
friend Nora and her husband are doing it for me as they're having their own
wall-paper/home deco business. She's also my de-factor project manager
actually. I'll definitely show you how things turn out, and if you like what
you see, and want to do the same thing to your house, don't hesitate to ask
for her phone number from me ya!

Some other things I haven't really decided yet, like where do I want to place my dining table. That is among my biggest dilemmas right now. Not to mention that if I were to put a pendant/hanging light near the entrance, it won't be proportionate to the supposed placement of the dining set. Oh well, that can wait I think.

I'm also not very sure about acquiring a coffee table. I'm excited about my brand new sofa though:)..In actuality, I got my existing sofa re-upholstered. It's really a big relief to be able to save up on more than RM2k to get a new sofa. That's because all this while I've been asking around, especially furniture stores where most of them would shrug me off and said I might as well get a new one instead of getting it re-dressed.

Then I found an ad for this service, and the price they charge took me really by surprise. Alhamdulillah, dapat jimat banyak you!

Then, my parents, my eldest sister, my aunt, my cousin and my niece will be coming over on this 30th supposedly to help me with my move. But I guess I don't want to trouble them too much and instead get everything settled before they come over so that they can just help me settle in la. So excited, and will definitely baca doa, azankan and buat doa selamat sikit-sikit before we actually sleep in the new place.

That's all for now. That explains my kemalasan to update this blog, eh? Sorry no pictures in this entry as well, maybe next time. Till then, later ya!

Monday, 25 October 2010

I Lost My Blogging and Cooking Mojos

Sorry for having gone AWOL for the past month and almost half. I know I've been playing truant for not updating my blog, but I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. And my cooking mojo too...

Dah berapa banyak jampi I baca, but kemalasan berblog mengatasi segala. So hari ni kupanggil mentera semerah padi, so datang la ia menjelmakan diri...Wahh...Hebat kan Mizz Ray bermadah??Hahhahah....(Bukan madah berhelah yer...)

Anyway, many things have come and gone in the period that I haven't been updating this space. Raya came and gone, and I'm getting busier by the day at the office. Some weekends were spent free and easy, and some were full with outings and activities with family and friends. I guess this is the right time to finally sit down and write something here, looking as though I'm less stressed by work right now. Baru balik dari berperang you...berperang kat ofis la, finishing up projects with deadline, spending lotsa of extra hours in the office and even staying back on Friday evenings instead of having nice relaxing dinners with friends.

I'm also excited about finally putting into gear on turning my new place into a home. I've been scouring home deco magazines for months, been going to Homedec and what-not kind of fairs held this past few weeks, acquiring quotations for possible things to be done at my apartment, and not to mention going in and out of various shops and visualising how each item would look like in my new place.

I'm not really sure if I will chronicle that journey here, but Insya-Allah I will try to. Hope that won't be misconstrued as menunjuk-nunjuk or being poyo, or whatever, but hopefully it'll be a good sharing session.

I've also lost my cooking mojo. Dah lama tak whip up something grand in the kitchen. but I guess that's understandable, because sekarang mood rasa nak cepat-cepat pindah rumah baru je hehhehe...

I've also started packing up my stuff into some boxes, especially the ones I know I don't need anytime soon. But always, they end up at the mercy of my kids! Pantang budak-budak ni jumpa kotak, mesti nak masuk and main! And pantang jumpa kotak, mesti nak cakar!! Bising jugak mulut Mummy halau diorang, but I do indulge them with their boxes fetish once in a while. I only hope they won't be stressed out by the shift of home nanti. I will also train them to adopt some new toilet habits, so hopefully I succeed! I also hope to place them once in a while in a big cage, especially when my family is around, so that is another thing to look into.

I plan to get moving and settled into the new place come December, since it will coincide with Ma'al Hijrah. When better time to start a new life at a new place than during the new year kan? And hopefully we can get the keberkatan Hijrah tu sekali, insyaAllah:)

So that's my ramble for the time being. Nanti kalau dah dapat recover my blogging mojo tu 100%, I will surely put in more pictures and more stories, but at least for now, I'll just day, HELLO AGAIN!!:)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Back From Kuching and Still in Raya Mood


I'm kinda..depressed right now. I just returned from Kuching last night, but my heart is still very much at home.

It surely felt like the time back home was too short, but at the same time, I'm glad to be back here.

This will be a short one. Just let me get my blogging groove back, will ya?

In the meantime..

Still in the celebratory mood, so...Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin again!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mood Nak Raya dan Tag Dari Qies


For some reason, minggu lepas mood nak update blog nan hado! Banyak gak cerita, but the situation at the office was pretty hectic. Sibuk nak habiskan kerja before everyone is off for the Raya holiday.

Speaking of which, I CAN'T WAIT TO FLY HOME!!!

(Thanks Googs)

Hehehe..syiok le tu! Anyway I'll be flying back to Kuching on 8 September 2010, catching the 11.40AM flight departing from KLIA. So kot sesapa kenal ke, jangan le malu-malu nak tegur!!Hahahha...(Ada ke yang baca blog ni?). I'll be home for only a week, and fly back to KL on Wednesday 15 September, which gave me ample time on the 16th to rest and prehaps, beraya kat KL pulak. Memang niat di hati nak beli return ticket on 16,but since I bought my ticket pretty late (last month baru beli!) so harga pun dah mahal!

So right now, preparation for Raya is pretty much done. Baju baru dah beli, biskut dah beli (semua main tunjuk-tunjuk je. Nak gak buat sendiri, tapi since balik 2 hari before Raya, rasanya tak sempat), kasut je belum. Err...nak kena beli jugak ke kasut baru? We'll see. Otherwise kalau tak sempat, I have lots of other shoes boleh pakai:)

OK next story, last week I was occupied, or rather,my family was pretty occupied with the arrival of our new bundle of joy. My preggy cousin gave birth to a baby boy on 23 August. Oh he's so adorable! And his name is Addin Riffqi. So I've been visiting them almost everyday as I also transported my aunt, and later my uncle from the airport, taking them for Raya shopping and such.

Riffqi, 2 hours after delivery via C-sec

He made his appearance way earlier than the EDD actually, but at least that enabled his parents to take him home to Kuching just in time for Raya. Smart boy!:)

On the other hand, ye lah yelah Qies aku jawab tag ko ni!! Hehheh...Terima kasih sebab kasik award kat aku okeh! Tapi sambil dapat award kena jawab soklan plak tu. Ishh...

Thank you Mem Swiss. Ko jangan lupa hadiah aku ko nak balik Raya ni tau! Hikkss...

1. Apakah yang bermain di minda anda sekarang?

Errmm...seriously? Right now just pikir nak habiskan entry ni, so that lepas tu nak mandi:). But generally, I'm thinking about nak kena packing barang nak bawak balik kampung Rabu ni hehehhe..

2. Apakah nama samaran anda?

Nama samaran? Err..sama ke dengan nama panggilan? Ok kalau samaran, kat forum I'm known as Mizz..., kat blog plak my alter-ego is Ray, but in real life usually people call me by the first syllable of my name, Sue. Apasal banyak sangat nama? Hmm..Ntahla, tak tau;)

3. Siapakah 3 orang yang paling kamu sayang?

Aiks 3 je?? Mana cukup! Parents, family, friends. Nahh!!..3 kategori okehh!!

4. Panggilan untuk si dia?

Hmm..not applicable la. But when we were still together, I called him 'Deng' ('Sayang' in general Bahasa Melayu Sarawak), or Sayang or Baby. Anybody would like to be my next 'Deng'? Hehheh..

5. Hadiah yang anda impikan daripada seseorang yang istimewa?

Nope I have no idea. Not applicable too? But if it were to be from anybody, could you guys nominate my apartment for a makeover macam dalam Casa Impian tu? Nanti I'll act surprise la...;;)

6. Blog mana yang anda selalu lawat?

Yang masuk list kat sebelah kanan tu---------------------->>>> Kalau nak masuk list tu jugak, sudi-sudikan tinggalkan request or shoutout yer;)

7. TAG kan kepada 15 blogger? yang den malas nih!! Errr...boleh tak just bagi general award ni kat sesapa yang sudi? Dipersilakan la terima awrd ni and pass it along ya!

OK mek, aku dah buat assignment ko tu! Hamboi-hamboi ko promo abang baju merah aku kat orang lain yer??? Hahhahahah..Takpe, dah dia nak yang berhijab je, rasanya aku pun kena tendang keluar la ekkss;)

Ok peeps, that's all for now. This is my cacamerba entry for today. Perhaps the next time you hear from me I'd be in Kuching already. But whatever it is..

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone, Maaf Zahir dan Batin! As we bid adeau to Ramadhan, let's welcome Syawal by extending our thankkfulness and syukur to Allah for giving us the opportunity to serve him more during Ramadhan and for the celebration that is Syawal. Let us all forge closer silaturrahim to our brothers and sisters, forgive each other and seek forgiveness, remember the ones who are gone and offer them our prayers and zakat and rememberance for their afterlife.

Salam Eid Mubarak!

(from Google, thanks!)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Project Kitchen: Bubur Pedas

Hi all...

Nampak gaya bila puasa ni memang rajin gak ke dapur;). Boleh tahan, dua entry berturut-turut cerita pasal masakan untuk berbuka.

OK here's another common recipe among us Sarawakian folks semasa bulan Ramadhan-bubur pedas. Nama je pedas, tapi jangan risau, usually memang tak pedas pun:)

The thing is, this dish is very flexible in terms of the items you want to put in it. The most common ones would be baby corn, tauhu kering, sayur midin (which unfortunately takde kat Semenanjung ni:((..), different sorts of vegetable of yoru choice, and udang. But kalau takde udang, kita still boleh ganti dengan ayam, daging or even kulit lembu yang dah di keringkan. In fact, kalau masukkan kulit tu memang kira oommphh jugak la bubur pedas ni:)

Just like laksa Sarawak, nak buat bubur pedas kena ada perencahnya. We call it bumbu bubur pedas. Sorry masa nak masak hari tu lupa plak nak ambik gambar perencah tu sebelum masuk dalam periuk, but basically this is how it looks like:

(Timakaseh Mr. Google;)..)The photo is actually found in this blog
Anyway, yang ni paket untuk bumbu yang dikomersialkan. Kalau nak tau, bahan-bahan nya adalah beras, lengkuas, kunyit, kelapa parut and ketumbar. All these ingredients akan digoreng tanpa minyak sehingga kuning keemasan, dah tu dikisar.

So ni plak bubur pedas Chef Ray;)

Tauhu kering and dried mushroom. Rendam dalam air panas kejap sampai dua-dua bahan ni lembut, dah tu potong.

Baby corn. Hari tu guna dalam 10-12 batang

Bawang merah, bawang putih, dan belacan sebesar ibu jari. Also, cili boh atau cili kisar.

Isi ayam, potong kecik-kecik, and 3 helai besar daun kunyit. Kalau nak lagi banyak boleh gak, lagi sedap bau bubur pedas:)

3 paket bumbu bubur pedas, dicampur dengan air panas, dan 2 paket santan. Kalau guna santan fresh pun lagi elok.

Mula-mula tumiskan bawang putih and bawang merah sampai naik bau.

Bila bawang dah naik bau, masukkan pulak cili boh and belacan. Actually kalau nak tumbuk dulu belacan tu dengan cili pun ok gak:)

Bila bahan-bahan tumis tadi dah naik bau and pecah minyak, masukkan pulak bumbu bubur pedas tadi. Gaul rata, make sure api tak besar sangat sebab takut nanti berkerak pulak kat bahagian bawah periuk.

Bila dah pecah minyak, masukkan pulak baby corn..

And tauhu and mushroom. Stir well.

Then masukkan pulak santan. Kalau rasanya pekat sangat, tambah lagi air.

Let everything simmer slowly for between 5-10 minutes. Make sure api sederhana je, and at the same time, you can add in garam, gula, pepper secukup rasa.

Then, finally masukkan daun kunyit tadi ke dalam bubur. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes before you can turn off the fire.

My bubur pedas ready to serve. Bubur ni actually sejenis lauk. Tapi the best thing is, if you want to eat it on its own pun ok jugak, or even kalau rasa nak cicah dengan roti ke, it's really flexible:)

Alhamdulillah, kawan-kawan yang datang berbuka kat rumah hari tu semuanya suka. Memang sengaja masak banyak so that diorang boleh bawak balik untuk jadi juadah sahur. Seronok kan share makanan yang kita masak dengan orang lain?;)

Tu je dari dapur Chef Ray buat kali ini...hehehhe...

Friday, 20 August 2010

Project Kitchen: Roti Kukus

Hai, kita kembali ke dapur Chef Rayyyy.....(buat style sengau ala-ala Chef wan boleh??) hahahhaa....

Ok when it comes to Ramadhan dishes, some families may have their own recipe that makes their iftar extra special. For my family, that recipe would be roti kukus ni. It's simple, flexible and easy to prepare. Katakan kat rumah ada roti yang dah nak expire, resipi ni is just perfect to do supaya kita ni tak membazir. Nak kata it's a type of pudding pun ok jugak. Hari tu I prepared this and got it ready within half an hour je, provided, of course, all the ingredients are available la kan? But then again, bukannya banyak pun, dah namanya benda simple nak buat;)

My family memang selalu buat dessert ni sebagai pembuka selera untuk berbuka. Essentially, you can use bread. Tapi if you prefer a firmer texture, best jugak kalau pakai crackers masin yang bulat tu. Tapi kalau nak pakai crackers, you need to soak it in water for a while before you can actually steam it.

Telur 3 bijik, beat it with around 3-4 spoonful of sugar. The other day, I ran out of regular sugar, so I used my brown sugar. Tu yang gelap tu hehehe..(seperti biasa la kan, keja improvise resipe je memanjang)

At the same time, carik-carikkan roti ke dalam loyang. Tak kisahla pakai besar mana pun, semua ikut berapa banyak masing-masing nak buat. But make sure don't fill it to the brim, sebab the bread will definitely be soaked and absorb the liquid nanti. Kalau guna crackers masin, you can drain the water used to soak them and transfer the crackers tu ke dalam loyang. In the meantime, get your steamer ready and boil the water in it;)

In another bowl/cup, mix a packet of instant santan. Kalau prefer santan fresh, boleh guna santan sebijik kelapa untuk amount yang banyak, or half for smaller amount. Santan kena ada tau, tapi kalau rasanya nak tambah jugak susu fresh pun boleh. But no matter what, santan kena ada hehehe..

Mix in the santan into the egg/sugar combo, whisk some more. Kalau boleh tambah lagi air or that's when the milk comes into play. Make sure banyak liquid tau!

Macam rupa kopi susu plak! Hahhaha..

Pour mixture tadi tu into the bread-filled mould.

Ni la rupa roti tadi ready to be steamed. Dont worry about it being flooded. In fact, the more the better. Tengok la kalau suka lembik-lembik sebab kalau keras sangat pun tak best sangat actually;). Dah tu kukus for about 20 minutes.

Ni la roti kukus yang dah ready nak kena ngap!:)..Sorry, presentation out, tapi rasa memang vavavoom!!<--Aikss?? Masak sendiri puji sendiri ke? Ishh!!

It's OK, you don't need to cut it into shape ke whatever, you can just scoop out the bread with spoon/spatula. Kalau nak makan panas-panas boleh, nak makan sejuk-sejuk lepas masuk dalam fridge pun boleh:)

Bon appetit!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Collecting the Keys and Berbuka at Rebung


Ni cerita basi sikit. Err..Basi ke? Ye lah, this happened last Saturday.

Like I wrote on Friday, I would be collecting my new house keys on Saturday. So on that hot Saturday afternoon, I arrived at Desa Idaman at close to 2PM, sebab appointment pukul 2PM mahh..

Lepas jumpa orang kat management office, they gave me a few items in these bags:

Gambar ni ambik time dah kat rumah yer...:). Anyway inside the woven bag contained the burner covers for my stove, together with the user manual and warranty card for both my hob and hood. Dah tu inside the smaller black net bag pulak are 3 sets of keys for every doors at my house and the mailbox, the 3 remote control for my air-conds, car sticker, and access card. Then there's the black folder containing the forms that I need to sign, acknowledgement of receipt, house rules etc, etc..

Lepas briefing and sign tu sign ni, off we went to inspect the house. Yang tak bestnya, my parking lot ni kira jauh gak dari rumah. Dahla nak kena menapak naik tangga sampai tingkat 4, before that kena jalan jauh la plak dari parking!:((

From my parking ke my block. My block nun paling jauh!

Main entrance:) (Tu pun mau tunjuk kaa...?:D)

The living room. Aiyak...dekat plak dengan blok kat depan. Takleh nak notty-notty dalam rumah. Kena tint my windows:D..Jangan tertipu, tu rep from the developer's office yang buat joint inspection and cross the checklist.

My kitchen:)..Simple je;)

A closer look of the view outside my living room window. But if you look the other side, you'll have a nicer view of the tasik:) Lupa plak nak amik gambar.

Ni master bathroom. Macam toilet kat hotel tak? Hehehhe..

Lepas orang tu keluar, kitorang buatla inspection sikit-sikit. Pada mata kasar, Alhamdulillah takde major defect pun. Tak boleh lama kat rumah ni since I had my friend Nina and my preggy cousin and her hubby along. Panas-panas time tu so my cousin pun tak larat. So tak lama lepas tu kitorang balik la..

Later that evening, I had an invitation from my friend Osman to berbuka kat Restoran Rebung kat Bangsar. I think it's a pretty well-known Malay restaurant kat KL ni, so takyah la cerita panjang-panjang.

The food memang best, ada banyak pilihan, cuma sayang Mizz Ray ni perut tangki kecik, so makan pun takla banyak sangat. At RM55nett kira ok lagi la. Tapi if you ask me to go for buffet kat hotel yang harga dia sampai RM98 tu ke, or even beratus ringgit, sorry la taknak ye. Kalau nak belanja takpe hehehe.. Tak berbaloi aje since memang makan tak banyak. RM55 tu pun kira my ceiling allocation dah tu;)

OK just enjoy the pictures of me and friends:)

From left: Mike, Osman, newly-weds Leo and Alipp, Azrul, and me. We were the early arrivals. There were 10 of us, including some new friends.

Bila nak ambik makanan, I went straight to the dessert table hahaha, and of course, I've gotta take this! My favourite tu;)

So there we were, all 10 of us. Seronok sambil makan borak-borak, catch up with each other's lives, or whatever. Punya seronok kitorang dok bangun top up makanan, we ended up being the last customers to leave! Hahahaha..Makan-makan cemni memang best, especially bila berkumpul dengan kawan-kawan berlainan bangsa dan agama, they learnt the importance od fasting too and of being considerate to their Muslim friends.

Tu je la cerita hari Sabtu. So to everyone, again, Selamat Berpuasa and selamat menunaikan ibadat di bulan Ramadhan al-Kareem ni!:)