Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mi Casa-Sneak Peek


So this is what I've been busy for this past few weeks. Practically every weekend keluar rumah the whole day, driving here and there. Not to mention attending to family matters la:)

The pictures shown here are just to share sikit-sikit my new palace. Insya-Allah, next week dah nak pindah dah. Sekarang pun tengah buat final touches on the works. Ada lagi benda nak buat, but cross fingers everything is done by this weekend.

Just nak bagitau awal-awal, my rumah ni sederhana je, but it's a vision of my dream home. I take utmost consideration my lifestyle and the fact that I live with my kids, so kalau nak letak benda-benda macam pasu ke, decorative items like small trinkets ke, jangan harap la yer...Hehehehe...I want my place to be spacey so that the kids can run around. I haven't even decided if I want a coffee table pun. Tu kemudian hari la. Buat sikit-sikit bak kata orang.

Ooppss..banyak celoteh plak. I'll do this in a rather before-and-after sequence la ya..:)

My distended living room windows before.

And after I got a storage bench built there. Memang tak pasang cushion pun cause I can't decide on what material it should be of. Sebabnya, kalau guna fabric, takut anak-anak seronok kencingkan hahahaha...But I did buy some flat cushions which can be used as lapik kat situ. I envision sitting there petang-petang baca buku, or even of my Dad sitting there to read his papers. I got the windows tinted and installed with Invisible Grille as well. Then untuk lampu kat situ I chose the lampu berjuntai tu. Modern and simple. I love the crystal err..stick there hahahha. And as you can see, my coulouring concept is a combination of green and cream.

By the way, this is the view outside my window!!Hahahahaha..Duk berjiran dengan lembu dan kerbau tau!. For some people, the sight of those roaming cows and bulls might annoy them but not for me. I just love watching them graze on the grassfield outside our fences. And of course, there's that lake over there. Petang-petang, or time weekend, we can see people fishing and playing with the jetski kat tasik tu. Precious! I loike!

This is my kitchen-before. Still green. Mintak-mintak sejuk mata memandang ya!:)

And my kitchen partition after the installation of the sliding door. Sorry it's still messy in there. You can also see that I've installed the ventilation fan:)

And those three are of the rooms in the house! Motip banyak-banyak kaler kan?Hahahha... Anyway the first one with the top of a wardrobe is in the master bedroom. Saje je tunjuk siling, sebab syiok tengok lampu putih tu!:)..Lampu tu pun murah je. I got a good bargain (kot) as they cost me only RM29 each. OK la kan? In fact semua benda yang dibeli untuk letak kat rumah ni, most of them are of bargain price. That's why tak duk diam kat rumah time weekend, sebab pegi bargain-hunting and survey barang-barang tau!!

And finally, ni pulak lampu kat hallway. Suka kat lampu ni:)..harga pun OK la sederhana.

Ni je kot nak tunjuk sneak peek of my new casa. Even more excited as my family will be coming as well to help me settle down in this new place, and InsyaAllah, I will get my Dad to azankan rumah ni. Ye lah nak ambik berkat restu mak bapak kan? Ni kira hijrah jugak la;)

Apa-apa pun do pray that this house, along with other good things bring in more rezeki to me. Till the next time ya;)


  1. Nice! Takpe, deco slowly.Masa nak masuk rumah hari tu, almost every weekend gi survey+beli barang rumah. Tapi kena stick to our spread sheet budget, kalau ikut nafsu, semua nak beli :)

  2. Hi Liyana,

    Yes betul tu. For me anything affixed to the house, we do it before we move in la. But stuff like new furniture can wait. I'm taking my time when it comes to the furniture. Lagipun the existing ones are still good, so pakai le kan;)Takkan semua nak benda baru je;)

  3. eheeeee... saya sgt excited... FYI... utk strata title ritu, saya kena RM1000++... plus lawyer fee dlm RM700... sekian... huhu... nanti get ready je lah ekk... as u pun baru masuk... it will be quite some time lah.... mine oso took 5 yrs gitu...

  4. weiii gurl! canteeeekkkkkk rumah you! i like!!! :D

  5. nice deco and i must tell u, yr window's view is splendid!! mcm most farm views in uk..

  6. Leo darleng: Aiya...menas I have to wait for another few years baru nak apply for the strata title tu ke?Or it takes 5 years to obtain it??Lama gilers huhuhu...

    Juwita: Thanks babe...insyaAllah nanti housewarming datang ekks;)

    Norhayati: Thank you for visiting. Funnily my former teacher and a few of my friends pun said the same thing!! I love it too:)

  7. suka view lembu2 tu.. kalo anak2 ana mesti suka tgk..


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