Friday, 26 February 2010

Watching My Name is Khan with My Parents

Life is now back to normal in my household. Mum and Dad have been staying over with me for two weeks, and we did many things and went to places together. So last Monday I sent them to LCCT in the morning before off to the office for me. It was kinda sad seeing them leaving, but I guess it's a good thing too, to get my life back to the old routine.

Anyway, amongst those things that we did together was going to a cinema to watch a Hindi movie, My Name is Khan. Mum and Dad are Hindi movie fans back when they were young, and I thought it'd be a nice thing to treat them to a movie.

And here's the trailer

At first when I told Mum, she said "Ehh taknakla..mana ada orang tua pegi tengok wayang??" but I went and bought the ticket anyway for last Sunday's afternoon show at Cineleisure, which thankfully is only five minutes away from home.

Anyway, my Dad, always the sport that he is, immediately agreed. I myself am not really a Hindi movie fan, but the pairing of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol is always explosive, and both talents are sure to draw fans to the cinema.

Anyway here's a bit of info about the movie:

Theirs was a storybook romance told against the shadow of a great American city, until a series of life-changing events threatened more than just their own happiness. Imagine what happens when a single act from a determined man seeking forgiveness and love lost can do to inspire the hearts and minds of a wounded nation. In MY NAME IS KHAN, Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Devgan inhabit the most challenging roles of their careers. Rizvan Khan is an honorable Muslim man from India, living with Asperger’s Syndrome, who falls unconditionally for the beautiful Mandira, a Hindu single mother living out her version of the global dream of success. Yet, when an unspeakable act of cowardice tears their family apart, Khan selflessly embarks on a powerful journey through a contemporary America that is as complex as the terrain of the human heart. He innocently becomes that most unlikely act of defiance, one of peace and compassion. He provides a sobering reality that touches the lives of every person he crosses. In the name of the woman he loves, a curious stranger will introduce himself to the world simply by saying, “My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist.”

Truly, after leaving the cinema hall, I did not regret taking Mum and Dad to watch this movie. Even if they were not around, I would still want to watch it because it was an unconventional Bollywood movie, devoid of the usual sing-and-dance tradition that is known in Hindi movie, and which is just purely artistic cinema experience at its best.

Without a doubt, this is SRK's best performance of date, and Kajol, as usual, is his most perfect cinematic partner. The kind of chemistry you see between them in their previous movies is as strong as ever. And watching it with my parents makes it even a better experience for me.

So go watch it if you can, it's message is global, it's heartwarming, and it's simple. This movie makes you laugh and it makes you cry. I'd definitely go find the DVD once it's out;)

Hikkss.....Tak sangka I can give such rave reviews on a Hindi movie kann...?

Friday, 19 February 2010

Another Short Getaway...and A Movie

Ok...As Mum and Dad are here, I try to spend as much time as I can with them. They'll leave on Monday:(...

But for the weekend, here's our plan. This is where we're going..

Do you know where it's at??

Guess again:)

Very easy to guess right???

We're going to....

Yup...Just plain 'ol Port Dickson. It's not that far, a good place to spend time with family, and well, although tunjuk gambar resort, no wwe won't be staying there la...Duit dah habis for last weekend's trip dah:D..

Anyway, expect a darker Mizz Ray back in KL by Sunday ya!! Then, I plan to take Mum and Dad to watch 'My Name is Khan' in the cinema. Will pop by at Cineleisure after work today to get them tickets. It will also be the first time I'm watchign a Hindi movie in a cinema, and well, sicne I know they're fans of Hindi movie, and I like the SRK/Kajol combo, I thought why not have a movie date with my parents;)

If I have the Rajin factor, I'll talk about the movie in my next entry. Till then, back to work!!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Off for Another Short Holiday...

I guess the East Coast holds some kind of attraction for me, mostly attributed to the shopping for kain part heheheh...

So this time tomorrow, I should be driving there via the East Coast Highway towards Kuantan and Kemaman first, before using the coastal road towards Kota Bharu. This is the third Chinese New Year in a row that I go to KB. Two years ago it was with Nina, and that was my very first trip there. Then last year's CNY I went with my sister and her two friends, and again, with Nina as our guide/driver there.

This time, Mum, Dad and my cousin Ina will be with me, while Nina would be waiting there again, to be our guide/driver. Thanks babe!!:)

Dad has been wanting to come to this side of Malaysia since last year. This is because in his previous visits, they've been work-related so he never had the chance to really explore the place. So if we have the time, we'll also take the time to stop by at Kuala Terengganu too, maybe on our way back to KL on Monday.

So wish us a great time and safe journey OK!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I'm A Gleek! and I'm on a Diet

Yess....Mizz Ray is a certified Gleek now:)...That's the Glee-speak for Glee fan. So jadinya, sekarang every Wednesday lepas BJ class at Axis habis pukul 8.10, kena cepat-cepat balik to catch American Idol (my guilty pleasure), or what's left of it on Star World, and then followed by this new favourite series of mine, Glee:). Ala tertinggal AI sikit takpe, can always watch the repeat again over the weekend (kalau tak keluar la), but I try not to miss Glee.

Anyway, been feeling very-very musical hari ni, so all day I've been playing songs from the series while at work. And in case you don't really know about this series, here's a snippet of info from the show's official website (FOX).

The series follows an optimistic teacher, WILL SCHUESTER (Matthew Morrison), who - against all odds and a malicious cheerleading coach - attempts to save McKinley High's Glee Club from obscurity, while helping a group of aspiring underdogs realize their true star potential. It's a tall order when the brightest stars of the group include KURT (Chris Colfer), a soprano who hits a high note in fashion; MERCEDES (Amber Riley), a larger-than-life diva with a voice to match; ARTIE (Kevin McHale), a geeky guitarist who rocks and rolls; and TINA (Jenna Ushkowitz), a punk rocker who hides behind her stutter and blue hair extensions.

Will's only hope lies with two true talents: RACHEL BERRY (Lea Michele), a self-proclaimed star who is convinced that MySpace and show choir and are her tickets to fame; and FINN HUDSON (Cory Monteith), the popular high school quarterback with movie star looks who must protect his reputation from his holier-than-thou girlfriend and "Cheerios" head cheerleader, QUINN (Dianna Agron), and his arrogant football teammate, PUCK (Mark Salling).

Will is determined to do whatever it takes to make Glee great again, but his only ally is fellow teacher and germaphobe EMMA PILLSBURY (Jayma Mays). Everyone else around him thinks he's nuts - from his tough-as-nails wife TERRI SCHUESTER (Jessalyn Gilsig) to McKinley's scheming cheerleading coach SUE SYLVESTER (Jane Lynch) - but he's out to prove them wrong.

OK meh enjoy sikit lagu from this series ok;)..

this song is from the first episode

from last night's episode

On the same note, I'm also starting my detox programme today. I know, during the long stretch December holiday period, dah asyik-asyik kerja makan and outing and gathering with friends, jadinya I feel like I've been piling on some unwanted kilos...Tobatt!!! And tambah-tambah pulak January takde pegi gym and kurang aktiviti fizikal, lagila my fitness level turun, stamina pun pancit.

I started going back to the gym on Monday, and dengan tak happynya I declare that memang my fitness level menurun. Pegi kelas BJ pun larat buat separuh aje (on Monday, plus needed to rush out as my family was waiting to have dinner with me). Tuesday pun macam tu jugak, but at least I did some brisk walk and minor run on the treadmill to warm up. After that some weight training kejap, concentrating on my upper back and leg-press. I don't dare terus buat yang berat-berat sangat because I don't know how fit I was to do the heavier stuff.

Then semalam (Wednesday) pulak as soon as I reached the gym I hit the ellyptical and managed to sweat up a bit for about 20 minutes. Yes, I know, not much, but I have to take into consideration my asthma jugak, takut if I pushed myself hard nanti terus semput teruk:D. Lagipun bukan apa, kelas BJ pun would be held soon after, so I didn't want to exhaust myself too much before the cardio class. But I had sooooo much fun last night dancing, and I sweat even more from the routines that I am familiar with. Basah jugakla my t-shirt. Today is my gym break day, so I thought I'm just gonna head home and start kemas rumah sikit-sikit as my parents are flying in this weekend for a 2-week stay.

Ok back to my detox, what I plan to do is just a mild one, taknak la hardcore hardcore no rice no food type, but I will just try to take less carbo and more veges, fruits and fibre. Plus lotsa water. I also drink this herbal tea to help with my pipe-cleaning exercise:)

Trudtox ni beli kat Watson's hari tu. As a beginner, I just bought the 5-sachet packet, which I'm hoping to finish within this two weeks. Hari ni je dah minum dua kali dari satu sachet (boleh ulang guna 2-3 kali) and so far memang best, takde la rasa perut meragam nak berak sangat. But the toilet visit has been more frequent jugak today, and so I need to replace the lost liquid with more aqua la. That means more good news because I'm drinking more water. And malam ni I plan to drink another mug of this tea to excellerate the process.

So far I don't have a high expectation sangat, I just want my pipes to be thoroughly cleansed so that I can better absord the nutrients in my food. Memandangkan Mizz Ray ni orangnya yang amat degil dan kurang berdisiplin, so bendalah ni kena buat in moderation, sambil sendiri-sendiri jugak beringat la.

So, wish me luck in this minor diet OK;)As for perubahan berat...errmm...Taknakla hebah how much I weigh right now hehhe.. Cukupla sekadar tau that I've never reached this weight before in my life, and that's why it's worrying for me. But the more important thing is I want to improve my fitness level and tone my body, rasa macam out of shape la pulak:(..

Apa-apupun I will share the outcome here. First thing first, buang dulu toxin kat dalam badan ni!! In the meantime, bersuka-suka nyanyi macam dalam Glee dulu OK!!:)