Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Last Two Months: What Have Transpired

Hello everyone,

Sorry for keeping quiet yet again. Seriously, work get in the way (so easy to blame work kan?) as well as many other things that went on in our daily grind called life.

Oh well, pejam-celik, it's already towards middle of October already, and before we know it, another new year is on the horizon.

August has been a very quiet month, simply cause it was Ramadhan. Fast-eat-fast-eat and all things in between.

Raya for me was celebrated ona smaller scale, because of the Great Big Holiday I went on during the Raya holiday period. Will blog about it a bit later. Chewaahhh...semangat ye nak share cerita holiday!:)

So let me just finish up editing and resizing the photos from the holiday before I tell you guys all about it OK?:)

Till later...