Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Take A Break


I just want to take a break from the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge. Kinda bored with it actually. Not in the mood to think about what to write as per the challenge.

So I'm taking a break and ramble about something else. Today is the 24th day of fasting. I'm counting the days till I fly home this Saturday. Time for family, and to (hopefully) forget about work.

Yesterday, we celebrated Addin Riffqi's 1st birthday. Wrote about his birth here.

He has almost full set of teeth now, and he can already walk at 11 months. Walks pretty fast right now, and is doted on by practically every member of the family. Later over the weekend, or maybe even during Raya, we'll have the Kuching level celebration. But for the time being, it's just me and the proud parents in our little celebration last night. Poor boy was so exhausted from the walking he did around the house while waiting for the breaking of fast that he went to sleep right after the cake cutting thingy.

Cutting the cake, with the proud parents.

So that's the story of last night. I don't want to recall about what happened after I left my cousin's place to deliver the Raya cakes to the so-called customers, but ended up making an almost-wasted journey.

Takpe pikir benda happy-happy je la sekarang k!:)

Monday, 22 August 2011

30BPC-Day 24: A Photo of Something That Means A Lot To You


Sedar tak sedar, tinggal lagi seminggu kita berpuasa. It certainly felt like only yesterday kita mula berpuasa. The big trip will happen very soon too. In fact, it will happen during this Raya season. And I'll be flying back home, again, this Saturday. Yippee!!

Oh well, today's assignment left me rather baffled actually. So may things mean a lot to me actually. family, friends, my cats, my crib, my ride, but I guess they're what you'd expect.

So I'd like to disassociate my answer from the typical, expected answers. Let me just give you this:

**Shy shy**

Mu current phone, one of my topmost link to the rest of the world. I get my emails and messages and access the net with it when I'm on the go, and I keep photos of the loved ones in it.

nuff said, malas nak cakap banyak-banyak. Chiao!

Friday, 19 August 2011

30BPC-Day 23 – 15 Facts About You


Adehh.... bila nak abis challenge ni weehhh???

15 facts about me? Geee, have to garu kepala sikit nak cerita 15 facts about me:

1. I was born on 2 Syawal, thus the name. As Raya is getting nearer, so is my birthday! (both is Muslim calendar as well as the Gregorian one)

2. I love to cook, but I like to procrastinate cleaning up after I eat. Tsskk...bad habit...bad habit:p

3. I love pastries! Sometime just thinking about a simple crunchy croissant have me salivating. I love staring at rows of pastries at hotel buffets. When having buffet meal, the pastry table is definitely the first one I check out!

4. I have owned two cars- a Kelisa, and now a Myvi. And they're both of the same colour - ash grey. If I changed my ride, most probably it will be of the same tone too kot.

5. I don't eat durian. Can't stand the smell. But give me tempoyak anytime, and especially tempoyak goreng, I'll probably tambah my nasi 2-3 pinggan!

5. Aside from durian, I also don't eat ciku and betik cause of their strong smell. Strong smell ke? According to my nose la. Even when ordering rojak buah, I'll tell the rojak-man to leave out betik. Tak ske!!

6. On a more personal note, I think I've always wanted to be a mom. But so far takde rezeki. Insyallah one day ada la kot.

7. Up until a few years ago, I never knew what I actually want to be, career-wise. That's why a few years ago my life was in quite a turbulence, cause I was still searching for my direction.

8. I was never the type of person who falls for someone easily. I take my time getting to know a person before I dare give my heart to him. That means I don't have that many exes.

9. My weakness - I can't stand it when people are in need of help. Then I get taken advantage of. I know, I should toughen up a bit more. Working on that.

10. I love travelling, but I'm not in love with flying. At times I get scared of it, especially short-distance flights. But since I'm doing lots of it lately I think it has somewhat gotten better. Alhamdulillah.

11. According to my family, I make the best daging/ayam masak merah! So bila Raya, I'm usually busy in the kitchen the night before preparing it. I have my own recipe and I guess I have perfected it over the years. Even cousins and nieces have asked for my masak merah recipe. A couple of weeks ago, I cooked some extra daging masak merah and gave them to a few of my colleagues for their berbuka puasa. They liked it too.

12. There are times when it took me a while to warm up to the new people I meet. But most of the time, I have no problem adjusting to meeting them. I guess it's all about the personality kan? During a workshop that I participated in a few months ago at work, according to the personality test that we took, if I were a bird, I'd be a peacock. Flamboyant you!! Hahahah..

13. I don't know how to ride a motorbike. Jadik pembonceng pun jarang, and I don't remember when was the last time I got on one. A motorbike is never a fixture in my family's vehicle history, and I think my dad pun tak reti bawak. Tapiiii....
Kalau tengok those big bikes kat highway, teringin gak nak jadik pembongceng diorang! Minah bonceng gitu...:))

14. I went to Pusat Asasi Sains UM for matriculation, and obviously, the Univeristy of Malaya for my degree. D'uhhh... Had among the best time of my life there. Am still very close to a few of my friends there, whom I meet practically every week.

15. Have always been (and maybe always will be) among the smallest (not that is not applicabl, sekarang guna term 'petite' je :)) ) in my class during school. So asyik-asyik kena line-up kat depan je> There's no escaping.

So tu je lah!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

30BPC-Day Day 22 – A Letter To Someone Who Has Hurt You Recently

Dear ₳.₥.€ (for personal reason, let it remain a symbol),

It's been about two years since we officially broke up, and I know it's not even 'recent', but having been with you for eight long years, at times it does feel like it was only yesterday when you hurt me.

Just want to let you know that alhamdulillah, I am over you. I am moving on. Although at times thoughts of you pops up especially in melancholic moments, I am thankful that I have the strength to bear the pain and let time healed me.

I wish you had appreciated me more when you had me. Oh well, it's your loss. I will not dwell on the past, and I don't regret the memories we had together. If anything, it makes me stronger, more careful with my heart, and appreciate myself more.

I don't want to write too much, but all I want from you now is.... WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REPAY THE MONEY YOU OWE ME???? Ingat, hutang jangan dibawa mati, and we can die anytime. I don't halalkan that money, so you'd better make sure you repay that before either of us meets His Almighty. I don't care what problems do you have now that stop you from repaying, I just want my money back. OK?

That's it. I am better off without you. Bye.

Monday, 15 August 2011

30BPC-Day 21 – A Photo of Something That Makes You Happy


Sorry for skipping Friday and the weekend. Well, rules are meant to be broken kan? Hehhee... Tah bila la nak habis challenge ni kalau buat cenggitu??!!

Anyways, don't want to say too much, let's get straight to the point. What makes me happy? So many things actually, but amongst the most paramount ones are these rascals:

I think somewhere at the back pages, these photos have been made available here, tapi saya agak malas nak carik yang baru hari ni, so saya recycle je la ekkss;)..

Nuff said. They make me happy, they sooth me when I'm down, they bring out the maternal instinct in me, and I love them to bits!

On another note, we're midway through the fasting month. Am flying back home tomorrow night after work for the Nuzul holiday, then 10 days after that, it's time to fly again for Raya. Then the long-awaited holiday!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

30BPC-Day 20: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name


So the challenge continues...

To tell the truth, this is not my first blog. This is in fact my third blog. The first one, using this very same platform was started way back when blogging started to be something you want to do online. I did it at the encouragement on THE ex. I guess it was just a place for him to find out what's going on with my life, cause I had just moved back to KL then, and he was still working back home.

Wrote about many things, but I closed it down a couple of years ago. At the same time, I started another secret blog to ramble about my relationship. Ok let's forget that one. That too was deleted around the same time.

Then, a couple of years ago somehow I got the 'seru' to open a new blog, hence this one.

Honestly, I'm not sure why I name this blog the way it is. I guess I just want to chronicle a bit of my life to whoever that reads it without revealing too much.
Perhaps I can laugh about whatever I did, places I went to, friends that I had and the issues that I dealt with when I read this space in years to come. Perhaps it is a journal of my life as a woman in this age. Thus the name.

So that's it!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

30BPC-Day 19: A Picture of Something You Want To Do Before You Die

Hi all,

I know, I know, I keep apologising for my non-blog-update offences (ada ke orang carik??), but I dunno, that mojo seem to be going astray very very far.

So busy at work, personal issues, busy with other things, travelling, gym-ing - yepps, so many excuses, but I guess, ultimately it all comes down to having that mojo.

I don't like to leave things unfinished, so I shall pick up from where I left off, with one exception (amboi...sesenang buat rules sendiri dalam game/tag ni kan?). I will not continue the post for assignment Day 18. It was already drafted, but I stopped halfway and that's when that mojo slipped off and ran. Many things to complain about the opposite sex actually, but well, I don't have the energy to think about them right now, tengah puasa mahh...

Now, a picture of something I want to do before I die. What could it be? Come to think of it, plenty actually.

But maybe, the ultimate one would be this:

To travel around the world.

Nuff said. Ok see ya later alligator!

*BTW, Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims! Semoga ibadat di bulan suci ini diberkati:)