Tuesday, 16 August 2011

30BPC-Day Day 22 – A Letter To Someone Who Has Hurt You Recently

Dear ₳.₥.€ (for personal reason, let it remain a symbol),

It's been about two years since we officially broke up, and I know it's not even 'recent', but having been with you for eight long years, at times it does feel like it was only yesterday when you hurt me.

Just want to let you know that alhamdulillah, I am over you. I am moving on. Although at times thoughts of you pops up especially in melancholic moments, I am thankful that I have the strength to bear the pain and let time healed me.

I wish you had appreciated me more when you had me. Oh well, it's your loss. I will not dwell on the past, and I don't regret the memories we had together. If anything, it makes me stronger, more careful with my heart, and appreciate myself more.

I don't want to write too much, but all I want from you now is.... WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REPAY THE MONEY YOU OWE ME???? Ingat, hutang jangan dibawa mati, and we can die anytime. I don't halalkan that money, so you'd better make sure you repay that before either of us meets His Almighty. I don't care what problems do you have now that stop you from repaying, I just want my money back. OK?

That's it. I am better off without you. Bye.

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