Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Take A Break


I just want to take a break from the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge. Kinda bored with it actually. Not in the mood to think about what to write as per the challenge.

So I'm taking a break and ramble about something else. Today is the 24th day of fasting. I'm counting the days till I fly home this Saturday. Time for family, and to (hopefully) forget about work.

Yesterday, we celebrated Addin Riffqi's 1st birthday. Wrote about his birth here.

He has almost full set of teeth now, and he can already walk at 11 months. Walks pretty fast right now, and is doted on by practically every member of the family. Later over the weekend, or maybe even during Raya, we'll have the Kuching level celebration. But for the time being, it's just me and the proud parents in our little celebration last night. Poor boy was so exhausted from the walking he did around the house while waiting for the breaking of fast that he went to sleep right after the cake cutting thingy.

Cutting the cake, with the proud parents.

So that's the story of last night. I don't want to recall about what happened after I left my cousin's place to deliver the Raya cakes to the so-called customers, but ended up making an almost-wasted journey.

Takpe pikir benda happy-happy je la sekarang k!:)

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