Monday, 15 August 2011

30BPC-Day 21 – A Photo of Something That Makes You Happy


Sorry for skipping Friday and the weekend. Well, rules are meant to be broken kan? Hehhee... Tah bila la nak habis challenge ni kalau buat cenggitu??!!

Anyways, don't want to say too much, let's get straight to the point. What makes me happy? So many things actually, but amongst the most paramount ones are these rascals:

I think somewhere at the back pages, these photos have been made available here, tapi saya agak malas nak carik yang baru hari ni, so saya recycle je la ekkss;)..

Nuff said. They make me happy, they sooth me when I'm down, they bring out the maternal instinct in me, and I love them to bits!

On another note, we're midway through the fasting month. Am flying back home tomorrow night after work for the Nuzul holiday, then 10 days after that, it's time to fly again for Raya. Then the long-awaited holiday!

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