Wednesday, 30 November 2011

London (Part 3)


I'd better do this very quickly, lest I lost the will and the time that I have right now to updat this travelogue. Adehh...punya la lama nak habiskan kan? My bad, I apologise.

OK, We're done with the jalan-jalan part on first day. Forgot to mention that towards end of that first day, we went to Oxford Street cause I need to get to Primark to get a proper autumn jacket. Got one at GBP22. So happy:)

Anyways, let's see if memory serves me well today. What did we do on the second day ekks? Oh ya, it was a Sunday, and my sister's friend who is working in London was free and wanted to show us around. At the same time, this day we were scheduled to ride on the London Eye as well as a cruise on River Thames. Well, actually it was a combo ticket which I bought while still in Malaysia. The info is here.

So after breakfast, we left the house and headed to Waterloo station to meet with Melvin. And after that, off with more jalan-jalan kota London ya:)

Sorry for the differing size and quality of the photos. Some are from my Blackberry, and some are from my camera. Ohh crap! Those BB ones are the ones already in my FB album. Ok ok after this I'll get them directly from the PC's soft copy ok? Tapi sekarang malas nak tarik balik and re-paste:)

We got on the London Eye around noon. It was gloomy throughout the day, total opposite of the day before when it was hot and bright. It drizzled thoughout the day also. So here are athe nice view from inside the capsule. Kalau gayat jangan naik ye:))

Can never be tired of this sight:)

On the way down.
After that, we walked some more as our cruise slot would be at 4.30PM. So in the meantime, we went to the Tower Bridge and walked along the Queen's Walk, and of course, took lots of photos.

Once we were done with Tower bridge, we made our way back to the London Eye area to go on our River Thames Cruise.

Then once we were done with the cruise, off we went in search for Hard Rock cafe at Park Lane. After that, we walked all the way to Knightsbridge to get to Harrodds. Unfortunately, it was already late evening and by the time we reached there, it was closed for the day:(

Lepas tu balik Willesden la....

Next day would've been the last full day in London for us, as the day after we were to depart to Paris pulak. To be continued ok:)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

London (Part 2)

Hi all..

OK while I have the time (and most importantly, the will) to do this, I might as well do it now. Hmm... why do I feel that updating this space is now a chore? Don't get me wrong, I love this space of mine, and I know I have so many things to share, but there's that little voice that keeps whispering to me and says "to hell with your blog! Stop je la berblog nih!"..Errkkkss...

Hey.. Hey..apa ni? Mukadimah sudah lari... Ok back to the London story. Banyak benda nak cerita ni tau!

Anyways, we arrived on the evening of 2 September and stayed at Willesden. The nearest train station is Willesden Green, say about 15 minutes' walk away. It's on the Jubilee line (kaler grey). If you'd like to view the London tube map, it's here.

Woke up the next morning to a nice end-of-summer weather, a bit chilled but well, we were up and reluctantly about since even before dawn! Jetlag remember? Geram gak sebab body kata mau tido, tapi otak kata meh la bangun, meh la bangun..!

And here are the first photos I took of the view outside my bedroom window:

After we had breakfast (which we prepared ourselves at the spacious kitchen), we made our way out. Walked to Willesden Green station, bought our new Oyster card and get down to start using it. Destination: city centre. Maybe just photos and a bit of captions after this yeah? Dah malas nak cerita banyak-banyak hehehe...

Picadilly Circus! picadilly Circus is the starting point of Theatreland of West End. So you can see many plays here if you're into them Too bad I didn't catch any show,cause I know my travel partners aren't into those sort of thing:(.. To read more about Picadilly Circus ni, bacalah info kat Wikipedia ni ehhsss..:)

Lepak dulu kat situ. tapi, before that, we went into Lillywhites, a major sporting items store and I got myself a United jersey:). err..belum apa-apa pun lagi udah menyopping!

Then, jalan ke arah Trafalgar Square la pulak. Enjoy the pix!

Kalau takde gambar ni tak sah!! Hahahha...

This is the famous Nelson's Column by Trafalgar Square

And me with one of the lions surrounding it.

Oopss...banyak posing jer..hahahha..

It was indeed a verrryy nice sunny summer day. Panas menyucuk ke tulang, but still chilly at times. Perfect! We lepak there for quite a while. Had lunch at Jom Makan the Malaysian restaurant nearby. Then spent quite a while at Trafalgar Square, just enjoying the perfect summer weather and watching people. Bought a few things and ate (again!) them there.

Walked some more, and this is St. James' Gate. And that's my brother:)

Ok, those are the places we went to on the first day in London. The next day, pegi tempat lain (and also tempat yang sma) jugak..:)

To be continued ehhss..:)

Monday, 14 November 2011

London (Part 1)


I know, I know.. it's one thing after another, and I'm lucky if I have a breather in between, and of course, the inspiration and inclination, to update this.

But this, I've got to do. Die die must do! Bahasa will be rojak, so bear with me. If you can't understand BM, too bad:)

Anyways, I don't want to do too much talking (or err...typing) in here, but knowing me, I'll still be babbling buckets.

The journey started off on the 3rd day of Raya, 1 September 2011 when we left Kuching for Kuala Lumpur in the evening. Twas good to see my kids after leaving them on their own for about 5 days, and I got straight to work on cleaning the house and topping up food and continue packing for the trip.

Our flight to Stanstead was to depart at 3.30PM, so I got my friend Nora to come and pick us up at around 11.30 and send us to LCCT.

Saying goodbye to the kids. They were oblivious. Uhuk..uhuk..

Each of us brought about 1 piece of luggage-I brought my big red luggage. As we reached LCCT, right away we went to the international departure hall and check in. After that, lepak for a while at the food court and got something to eat and just killed time there.

The flight departed on time, and off to London we were! But mind you, syiok cuci mata hahahaha... The flight comprised about 80% mat sallehs:). But then again, as I always was during flights, sleep was not easy, it was cold and I was pretty much uncomfortable.

We landed at Stanstead around 9.30PM local time, and after ting-tonging at the UK Border counter and collecting our luggages, we went outside to the bus terminal to get to Victoria Station. We used the Terravision airport transfer which I bought online, and it was priced at GBP9 each.

The journey from Stanstead to London's Victoria Station took around 1 hour and as soon as we got down, ulat taxi approached us offering their services. We were tired and groggy and just wanted to rest, and that's when we made the mistake of engaging their service.

In London we were to stay at the Sarawak Foundation House at Willesden, and well, that cheating of a cab driver at first quoted 38GBP to send us to the destination. But then again, dah dasar penipu kan, halfway through the journey, he revised his price, this time charged kitorang GBP48 la plak. His argument? Cause he wasn't sure if the place is near or far from Victoria. I was just too tired to argue, tambah-tambah tengah jalan tu dia ala-ala mau tunjuk samseng kat driver double-decker bus!
Finnnneee...! So terbangla almost GBP50:((... belum apa-apa lagi kat London gua sudah kena tifu...:((

Nasib baik sampai jugak, and the House caretaker, En. Mohamad was already waiting for us. He helped us settled in, and luckily, we got the house all to ourselves! Yippeee.. It is complete with everything you could possibly want in a house, Alhamdulillahhh...

Then we settled for the night, showered and unpack and went to sleep... Only to wake up again at 3. Jetlag has kicked in!! Huwaaa.....!!!

Ok, to be continued ehh..?:)