Tuesday, 22 November 2011

London (Part 2)

Hi all..

OK while I have the time (and most importantly, the will) to do this, I might as well do it now. Hmm... why do I feel that updating this space is now a chore? Don't get me wrong, I love this space of mine, and I know I have so many things to share, but there's that little voice that keeps whispering to me and says "to hell with your blog! Stop je la berblog nih!"..Errkkkss...

Hey.. Hey..apa ni? Mukadimah sudah lari... Ok back to the London story. Banyak benda nak cerita ni tau!

Anyways, we arrived on the evening of 2 September and stayed at Willesden. The nearest train station is Willesden Green, say about 15 minutes' walk away. It's on the Jubilee line (kaler grey). If you'd like to view the London tube map, it's here.

Woke up the next morning to a nice end-of-summer weather, a bit chilled but well, we were up and reluctantly about since even before dawn! Jetlag remember? Geram gak sebab body kata mau tido, tapi otak kata meh la bangun, meh la bangun..!

And here are the first photos I took of the view outside my bedroom window:

After we had breakfast (which we prepared ourselves at the spacious kitchen), we made our way out. Walked to Willesden Green station, bought our new Oyster card and get down to start using it. Destination: city centre. Maybe just photos and a bit of captions after this yeah? Dah malas nak cerita banyak-banyak hehehe...

Picadilly Circus! picadilly Circus is the starting point of Theatreland of West End. So you can see many plays here if you're into them Too bad I didn't catch any show,cause I know my travel partners aren't into those sort of thing:(.. To read more about Picadilly Circus ni, bacalah info kat Wikipedia ni ehhsss..:)

Lepak dulu kat situ. tapi, before that, we went into Lillywhites, a major sporting items store and I got myself a United jersey:). err..belum apa-apa pun lagi udah menyopping!

Then, jalan ke arah Trafalgar Square la pulak. Enjoy the pix!

Kalau takde gambar ni tak sah!! Hahahha...

This is the famous Nelson's Column by Trafalgar Square

And me with one of the lions surrounding it.

Oopss...banyak posing jer..hahahha..

It was indeed a verrryy nice sunny summer day. Panas menyucuk ke tulang, but still chilly at times. Perfect! We lepak there for quite a while. Had lunch at Jom Makan the Malaysian restaurant nearby. Then spent quite a while at Trafalgar Square, just enjoying the perfect summer weather and watching people. Bought a few things and ate (again!) them there.

Walked some more, and this is St. James' Gate. And that's my brother:)

Ok, those are the places we went to on the first day in London. The next day, pegi tempat lain (and also tempat yang sma) jugak..:)

To be continued ehhss..:)

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