Friday, 30 July 2010

What a Bad Week


This week has not been kind to me. I can only count two great things that happened, one being the house situation that I blogged about last Monday. The other one happened yesterday, which I will write later.

Wednesday was particularly a bad day. I was really busy at the office, running here and there as we had a photography session at the office, and I co-coordinated the whole session. Ended up leaving the office at around 6.10PM. That was OK by me (though I had planned to go to the gym after that for my 7.05PM class).

Once I reached Sunway,right after breezing through the SmartTag lane, there was a big jam getting towards the LDP Hanging Bridge. Via the electronic board found out that it was because of a stalled car. Oh well, c'est la vie, so I thought. Didn't expect I would be in that similar situation soon.

Whilst moving at a snail's pace there, I noticed that my cool aircond air had changed to hot smelly air. I started getting nervous, and I told myself that once I reached home, I'd definitely add water to the aircond tank or whatever you call to keep the engine cool. So I just winded down my window and switched off the aircond.

Then, just as I was driving down the Hanging Bridge, suddenly my engine went kaput, then dead! Just like that!! Allah mak!!Apa nak buat ni??? I started to panic, and tried to switch on my engine. I also quickly hit the hazard light button, indicating to the cars at the back that I was having a problem. To make matters worse, my phone ran out of battery. Alhamdulillah, soon after a young man on a bike stopped in front of me and looked back. I quickly waved to him, asking him for help.

Ala-ala lebih kurang macam ni la my car terberenti kat highway!:(
Oopss..pix courtesy of Google ya

I told him my phone battery went dead and I needed to make phone calls. Without hesitation, this adik took out his SIM card and lent me his phone. I called my friend who told me to call my car insurance hotline and ask for towing assistance. Around the same time, the highway patrol truck came and asked about my situation. I told them I don't know what went wrong and that I was calling for assistance. Memang panic gila la time tu! It was the first time something like this happened to me, so obviously I was panicking!

Then they got me to slide down and going to the left side of the road. Once I could not slide down any longer, the highway truck towed my car further up to a bus stop in front of the Western Digital factory.

I was faced with many choices on my next course of action. I could either get my insurance tow service to come and take it to the workshop, but only the ones in their panel, and which could only be examined on the next day. I didn't know the extent of damage, or failure to my car, so I thought if it could be rectified that night, I could waste the whole next day. Then I decided to just called up my friend's mechanic in Mutiara Damansara to have a look at my car. He then sent his tow truck to get my car. We waited for quite a while and in the mean time, I chatted with the young man who selflessly helped my out.

This adik's name is Farid, and he is a trainee at MPH in Midvalley. So if you go to to MPH Midvalley, please know that he is very kind and a well-raised kid. Congrats to his parents! He just completed his Mechanical Engineering diploma course in Terengganu, and currently training at MPH.

Anyway, once we reached the workshop, the mechanic examined my battery, but couldn't find anything wrong. Just when I thought I could leave and that it was just a minor damage or a false alarm, he found the real cause of my dead engine. It turned out that my engine broke down due to my own carelessness too, it was drying up!! The engine was on the verge of overheating, and it had to be thoroughly inspected. Kalau nasib lagi malang, kena overhaul!! Oh tidak!!!!!:((

Thanks Googs!

Once we settled everything, I asked my friend to come over and fetch us from there and send me home and Farid back to his bike which he left at the bus stop earlier. I could not thank Farid enough for his kindness. He didn't hesitate to help me when I needed help, eventhough we were strangers.

I only reached home at close to 11PM, and on the next day, yesterday, I had to take the emergency leave.

Then yesterday, I walked to Damansara Perdana commercial centre to go to a bank. On the way back home, as I walked on the sideway, I heard a loud wailing of a kitten from a drain. Thank god it was sunny yesterday. I found a kitten trapped in that drain, And I really have no idea how he got there.

If you know me, you'd know that I'm a regular kitten rescuer. Naturally I couldn't leave this little one behind, could I? Then as I was bending down calming the kitten down while trying to reach him through the iron cover, another young man on a motorbike stopped to ask what was going on. I asked him to help me retrieve the kitten.

After much persuasion, we managed to grab him by his tail and I took him. This young man also offered me a ride as he was heading towards the same direction. Alhamdulillah, thank God for making it easy for me to do good things to this little munchkin.

I brought him home, fed him (I always have my 'kitten rescue kit' on standby), bathed him and gave him a dose of deworm syrup.

So please, anyone out there, if you know of anyone who is looking to adopt a cat, please don't hesitate to adopt this one OK? This one deserves a loving home:)

Now that I'm reflecting back on the things that happened to me especially a couple of days ago, I don't know if it really has been a bad week for me. Sure, the blessings are aplenty-I could collect my house keys, and I rescued a kitten. But then again, the car problem overshadows other things.

On the other hand, I am really thankful for the help that I get when I was in my time of need, espcially by Adik Farid's willingness to stick by my side. His parents have indeed raised him well. He didn't have to do anything, he was just there for me. Sometimes, you never know how big an impact a stranger can have on you, and better still in the most unexpected ways. People whom you think you can always depend on may not have time, inclination, or capability to help you. The same thing for that young man who helped me to retrive that kitten from the drain. Had he not stop by, I might have to leave it behind cause I definitely could not reach down to get that baby. For that, I'm thankful that I always meet 'helpful' strangers instead of those who may have bad intention towards you. I pray to God that I'm always protected that way.

Anyway, enough rambles for this time. I will not spend my time and energy thinking too much about my misfortune this week, and instead count my blessings and praty that it cointinues. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

One Step Closer


As I received the VP letter last week, I was told to call the developer's office this week to enquire whether I could already make the last miscelalleous payment before collecting my keys and have a joint inspection session of my house.

I did that earlier today, and happily told that I could proceed with the next step.

Which I did over the lunch hour earlier. Dragged my intern along to the developer's office, paid the due and set up that appointment.

The joint inspection will be about two weeks from now. Heck, it'll be during the fasting month, but I don't care!

I'm one step closer to moving to my own castle!:)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Family Road Trip


Just a quick update. Not much happening lately, but glad that it's Friday already.

Later this evening, I will be on a road trip with my family down to...


Specifically, we'll be staying at Pasir Gudang. Going with my uncle and cousins to visit his preggy daughter for the weekend. Well then , family obligation calls, so as a dutiful daughter, ikutkan je la kan?:)

Wish us a safe journey!:)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tony Roma's Lagi dan Yippee Yiyeayyy Good News:)


I am seriously addicted to the Tony Roma's ribs now. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki, sesekali dapatla makan sebab harga dia mak oii...Let's just say for occassional indulgence, bolehla pegi makan.Lagipun bahaya jugak kalau makan banyak kali, it's fatty and of course, high cholestrol!

And alhamdulillah, last week I went there again to have their signature ribs with my friend, Siti Aishah. She promised to belanja makan kat Tony Roma's so last Saturday we met up at the Sunway Pyramid outlet and errmmm...melantak makan ribs hahahhahha...

They were having a 10-ribs special in cunjunction with 4th of July celebration. So imagine trying to finish 10 big ribs in one seating. We didn't know how big a serving it was sebab we insisted on ordering a starter of their equally gobsmacking-ly glorious fried mushroom. It comes with the honey mustard dipping, which I just luuurrrvvvveee!!!

10 big ribs. Nah hambekkk!! Besar-besar plak tu..

And this is the big plate of fried mushroom. Sedapnya..very crispy. Tapi kalau berangin dalam badan lepas tu sure start pening-pening

We ended up not finishing those ribs pun, sebab each rib was quite big, even bigger than the ones I had kat Midvalley a few weeks ago.

Both of us could only finish 2 ribs each, which left another 6 to be tapau-ed home. Just nice to be spilt half-half.

After that, we thought about watching a movie. But after lining up at TGV and not being able to secure the ticket for 'Knight and Day'-cerita Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz tu- we decided to headed off somewhere else, so we went to Puchong area instead. I thought of looking up home stuff, maybe survey harga cat and curtains and things like that, and we settled at IOI Mall. The building looks good after it was expanded last year. We then went to Tutti Fruitti for some yoghurt ice-cream. Mahal jugak Tutti Fruitti ni ekkk..?

This one 3/4 tub cost me about RM20. Yikes!!!

After that we managed to get tickets for the 7PM show for 'Knight and Day'. A very nice movie,lots of hilarious scenes and witty dialogue. We liked it!

So that was what I did last weekend. The weekdays pulak went by pretty quickly. On Tuesday I even MC'ed a big event at my work place. Very nerving, as the VIP was His Honourable Minister and Deputy Minister themselves. And it was my first 'big' emceeing duty! Thank god I pulled it off, thanks to my emcee partner that day.

Anyway I actually haven't gotten around to notify the change of address to all my mails, which means they're still arriving at my old office. My former receptionist, Kak Nora is nice enough to keep them for me.

Yesterday afternoon I took a half day off to go for my periodical check-up at UMMC. It ended quicker than usual-arrived at 1PM, and left at around 3.15 (thanks to my doctor, who happens to be my friend too). That gave me an ample time to visit my old office which is just nearby. I also collected my mails from Kak Nora, and one of them, which I opened last night, happened to be this:

Tak nampak? No clear enough? Let's zoom dekat sikit:)


Yippeee!! This means that I can now collect my keys. But before that, kena bayar dulu RM190++ for some administrative matters la, key card la, etc, and then boleh buat appointment for joint inspection. I've been looking at forums on house inspection, and definitely will be employing my eagle-eye expertise bila check rumah nanti.

So finally, I have my own place!!:)

*Tanak pikir dulu the cost that will be incurred later, nanti rosak mood!*

In the meantime, I'll just sengih-sengih je lah!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

After This Morning..


I'm writing this entry as I'm sitting in my living room, watching the World Cup Final. It's half-time, the score is still 0-0.

But the ref is certainly having his field day, having scored, or rather showed 6 yellow cards to players from both sides!! Chishhh!! Ridiculous!

I've been up since around 1.30, having 'gone' to bed since around 9PM. But well, it wasn;t a nice sleep, as I kept waking up throughout the night, either out of the need to go to the toilet, or to drink water. My asthma cough is back:((, so I'm not really in the pink of health, or mood right now.

Anyway, as of now, the second half has resumed, and this is the picture I took earlier of Mimi and her favourite spot in front of the TV.

Hehehhe...she doesn't care much about the games that I watch this past month. But given any United game, she's transfixed to the TV anytime! She certainly knows where her attention should be focused on.

Anyway, I'm dreading post-World Cup which will start later at around 5. The World Cup is officially over, and I bet me, as well as most football fans around the world will be having withdrawal symptoms!

I know I'll be looking like that:(...I'll be craving for my football fix, and life will never be the same as far as football is concerned.

Which brings me to the coming football season. It will only resume next month, and I'm guessing, life in this one month will be kinda...miserable.

I'm dreading the thoughts already. Oh well, back to the game!! May the best team win! Viva La Coupe del Mundo!

*P.S-Thanks, as always Google:)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jom Santai-Santai Kejap..

Hari ini Mizz Ray sengih-sengih:)...macam ni

Bukan apa, my cooking groove is back!!! *Doing the chicken dance now*, so adalah project kitchen hari ni. Bukan apa, dah berapa minggu ni amatla malasnya nak buat projek masak. Bukanla takde masak langsung, tapi bila dapur berasap pun, masak yang biasa-biasa je. Takkan takat masak sardin ke, ayam goreng ke pun nak tunjuk kan? Kalau ada pun masak yang lain sikit daripada menu biasa, angin malas lain pulak yang menyerang, iaitu malas nak ambik gambar and cerita hehhee..

So hari ni alhamdulillah, the weather was super duper great, sebab hujan in the morning, and it stayed cool all day, so I just stayed in and cooked! And kejap tadi baru je siap buat kek batik, with a twist. But those will be in the next entry je la sebab la ni tengah tunggu kek batik sejuk dulu then nak kena masukkan dalam fridge.

But in the meantime, jom santai-santai dulu berhibur dengan my two favourite ladies-Alicia Keys & Beyonce in the new song- Put It In A Love Song. Enjoy!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Another Travel Plan Down The Drain..


Need I say more? The continuation from my previous post, regarding my trip back home to Kuching next week.

So yesterday morning I finally got to see my Boss once she returns from her medical leave. After ting-tong ting-tong updating her on work, I told her about the travel plan. And showed her the flight booking print-out.

She said she doesn't have a problem about granting me leave on that Thursday and Friday, but the problem is with taking time off work on Monday and Tuesday. That's because we are having an event in which our department will be heavily involved in and that where everyone will be required to participate. She told me to return by Sunday.

So after that, dejected, I went back to my cubicle and looked up on the flight schedule for Sunday at AirAsia. Sure, seats are still available, but plus everything, the price of the new ticket would set me back about RM300. Well, not that much for other people, but for me it's really a lot, especially if I get to be home for only about three days, and especially as the return ticket that I'd be losing cost me only RM35. So comparing those factors, I decided to forgo the trip altogether la...

Lagipun, dalam hati I managed to pacify myself with the fact that Raya is also coming soon, so I'll definitely be flying home within this short few months too, so instead of spending that RM300 on a short trip home, it's better if I use that 300 bucks for the ticket home during Raya.

So there! Looks like yeppss, it's another travel plan down the drain for me. This is actually the third time that I had to cancel my travel plans, all with AirAsia. So if you're wondering how come Abang Tony is so freaking rich right now, it's people like me la yang contribute to their wealth:((..Ahh...malas nak pikir banyak-banyak sangat, nanti ralat!

I'm so dissapointed right now, but well, I'll just deal with it. Fact of life ain't it?? At least twas just an RM35 worth of disappointment. Pejam-celik-pejam-celik, Raya will be here, and I will be back to my beloved Kuching anyways..:)

Till then, have a smashing weekend peeps!!!

*Thanks always for them cute photos