Friday, 2 July 2010

Another Travel Plan Down The Drain..


Need I say more? The continuation from my previous post, regarding my trip back home to Kuching next week.

So yesterday morning I finally got to see my Boss once she returns from her medical leave. After ting-tong ting-tong updating her on work, I told her about the travel plan. And showed her the flight booking print-out.

She said she doesn't have a problem about granting me leave on that Thursday and Friday, but the problem is with taking time off work on Monday and Tuesday. That's because we are having an event in which our department will be heavily involved in and that where everyone will be required to participate. She told me to return by Sunday.

So after that, dejected, I went back to my cubicle and looked up on the flight schedule for Sunday at AirAsia. Sure, seats are still available, but plus everything, the price of the new ticket would set me back about RM300. Well, not that much for other people, but for me it's really a lot, especially if I get to be home for only about three days, and especially as the return ticket that I'd be losing cost me only RM35. So comparing those factors, I decided to forgo the trip altogether la...

Lagipun, dalam hati I managed to pacify myself with the fact that Raya is also coming soon, so I'll definitely be flying home within this short few months too, so instead of spending that RM300 on a short trip home, it's better if I use that 300 bucks for the ticket home during Raya.

So there! Looks like yeppss, it's another travel plan down the drain for me. This is actually the third time that I had to cancel my travel plans, all with AirAsia. So if you're wondering how come Abang Tony is so freaking rich right now, it's people like me la yang contribute to their wealth:((..Ahh...malas nak pikir banyak-banyak sangat, nanti ralat!

I'm so dissapointed right now, but well, I'll just deal with it. Fact of life ain't it?? At least twas just an RM35 worth of disappointment. Pejam-celik-pejam-celik, Raya will be here, and I will be back to my beloved Kuching anyways..:)

Till then, have a smashing weekend peeps!!!

*Thanks always for them cute photos

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