Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm At A Crossroad...

No, bukan nak nyanyi lagi Nora tu...

I'm kinda at a crossroad in regards to my immediate travel plan.

On 8 July I'm supposed to fly back to Kuching and return to KL on Tuesday the 13th. Which means I should be taking 4 days of leave. Easy peasy, or so I thought at the time I got the ticket, which was during last November's AirAsia free tickets giveaway. I was still at the old work place.

But now that I just started at this new place, I don't know if I should go ahead with this plan. Would it look bad for me as a new employee to take 4 days' leave in my second month of the job?


Please advise. Appreciate your feedback (kalau sudi nak kasi la...)


*p.s-Thanks Googs..You're always good to me;)


  1. Mun kmk cuti.. cuti.. cuti.. hehehe.. bukan selalu bah.. :)

  2. Hmm..nang la bukan selalu, tapi ngenang kita tuk baruk masuk keja baru, tapi alu terus nak mintak cuti lamak2...Oh dilema!

  3. hehe sure serba salah rasanya kan... i tak reti nak kasi opinion yg bagus sebab opinion yang i ada sekarang ialah ambik cuti.. sebab i jenis yg suka bercuti..

  4. Perhaps you could show your new boss muka seposen and explain the whole situation and tell him it won't happen again (in the very near future...) he!he! tapi kalau I la... cuti tetap cuti babe!

  5. Lady & Eti,

    Dah pun jumpa Boss semalam. Sadly she cannot grant me longer leave, and asked if I could return on Sunday, sebab the floowing week tu akan ada event.

    So I tried looking for return ticket for Sunday. Mahal la...Last-last I decided tak jadi la nak balik:((...

    Sedih sangat-sangat, but try not to think too much of that, eventhough I really miss Kuching right now.

    But well, takpe la, at least Raya pun tak lama lagi, and I can just look forward to the family vacation end of the year nanti buat ganti tak jadi balik ni:((


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