Sunday, 20 June 2010

Today's Your Day, Dad...

He is the man who woke me up and got me ready to school,

Boiled the water to heat my bath so I won't get cold,

Who prepared the best Maggi sup for me to bring to school,

Who worked hard and bought me books and newspapers to nurture my love for words,

Who took me to the stadium to watch football, and turned me into a hard-core fan,

Who didn't hesitate sending me to boarding school even if it meant not seeing me all the time,

Who proudly sped his way home to deliver the news that I got into university,

And who doesn't complain even when he has to bail me out of troubles when I'm all grown up..

He is the one I can rely on to be the voice of reason in the midst of crisis,

He who shares our enthusiasm and gives positive support to whatever we want to venture into, and

Who would give his all to his family and loved ones.

He is the one we look up at, and admired by our community.

He is the leader other people respected, whose wisdom others appreciated.

He is my father, my hero, always my Number One man.

I love you Dad, and Happy Father's Day.

No words can describe how much I love you, and I hope whoever fathers my future children can fashion himself after you!

Your stubborn third child:)..I hope I make you proud, Dad.

My Dad, Haji Za'afar Bolhassan, posing with his latest baby during Hari Raya last year, right before he left for the Solat Sunat Aidilfitri. As dashing as ever;)


  1. Thanks Lady..

    Happy Father's day to your dad too!:)


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