Tuesday, 8 June 2010

D'Ohhh!! What Have I got Myself Into??

D'Ohhh! Looking at this Homer Simpson's famously trade-marked (yeker?) forehead slap and exclamation expression-or whatever you call it, is exactly how I feel about this new place.

Sure la, right now I'm still learning how things are done here, the culture and what not, but well, one thing I've learnt in my one week is that my boss is definitely the favourite topic of conversation and gossip at this place!

But whatever it is, I just listen and take note of what is best done, and what should be avoided. I'm just a newbie here, it won't look good to be immediately sucked into whatever negativity that might be there in the first place, right?

As for workmates, they're all OK, and I reckon it's normal for people to feel slightly apprehensive about getting to know me, for they don't know my working style yet. I'm also the kind of person who take my time warmig up to people, so I tend to be shy with them too, but still look approachable and friendly. Just giving everything and everybody the benefit of a doubt, and simply to just focus on the learning and adapting process.

But still, there are times when I can't help but do the Homer thing...D'Ohhh!!!! (slap forehead!)...:D


  1. Salam kenalan,

    OoOo its always hard to start working at a new place. Takpe lama2 you'd be comfortable lah :D

  2. Hai Nana:)

    Yeah it can be hard, especially when you've been at your former place for quite a while kan? Tapi tu la, we just learn and adapt.

    Thanks for visiting my home ni, lain kali rajin-rajinkan lagi datang ye..?:)


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