Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I'm Not Really Sure...

But errmm....I think I'm ready to love again.

I think of our good times less.

I no longer think I need to share my problems with him like I used to, although most of those problems stemmed from my time with him.

I think I can put all the memories of our time together at the back of my mind, though I don't think I can ever find someone as compatible to me in every way as I do with him.

I no longer cry out of missing him. I feel more peaceful knowing that though I have loved and lost, I still have the strength to get up again and move on.

I'm thankful for my resolution of getting nearer to God, and to love myself more.

Time DOES heal a broken heart. I think I'm ready to love again.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Project Kitchen: Peach Crumble

Hhmm...Makin rajin plak bersilat di dapur sekarang kan;)..Sukaaa...

This past coupla weeks, I've been wanting to bake this particular dessert that I've bought the ingredients since last week. Problem was finding the time (and the appropriate occasion) to do it.

Anyway, the right time came when Friday evening, a friend called me up to invite me for a party/makan-makan at their place on Saturday night (last night le tu..). It would also be a gathering of friends and so I knew right away that I've got to do this. Ada orang tolong makan:)

OK here's what making peach crumble is all about:

As with any other kitchen adventure of mine, I tend to improvise. So instead of using a baking dish, I used a springform. So first, I sapu some butter at the bottom and side of the springform. Ni sebab takut the peach pieces lekat masa dalam oven.

I used canned peach je..(yelah, mana nak carik fresh peach kan) Lepas tu just arrange the peach at the bottom, susunla ikut your creativity. I also added raisins, nak bagi more oommmpphh:)

Mix together flour, brown sugar, a bit of salt, a bit of baking powder and a bit of nutmeg powder (optional)in a separate bowl. You can also put cinnamon powder, but I opted not to do that sebab tak suka bau cinnamon:)(self-prescribed allergy kononnya)

Mix them together.

Then get about 150g of butter, potong dice. It should be straight out of the fridge, don't wait for the butter to get into room temperature form to do it, nanti nak jadikan the flour crumble tu tak menjadi.

Mix the butter into the flour mix, then with your fingers mix the butter and flour into a crumble mixture.

Ni lah rupa the crumble mixture:)

Then put the flour mixture on top of the peach arrangement tadi. In the mean time, preheat the oven at 150 degrees. Bila oven dah panas, boleh dah masukkan peach crumble tadi and bake at 150 for about 20-25 minutes.

This is how it looked like coming out of the oven.

Err..sorry la takde gambar peach crumble ni on my plate. Bukan apa, we only ate it at the makan-makan last nite, and by then semua orang dah lapar, nak ambik gambar pun terlupa dah. But suffice to say, It was a good hit with my friends:)..Alhamdulillah...

Just for your info, this is more or less how the crumble looks like in the plate. It is actually best eaten warm with a dollop of icecream as company. This pix is courtesy of Mr. Google. Thanks Googs!!

This recipe is really easy to do. Cuba la...Bon apetit!!:)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cerita Tag Lagi

'Tis the season to be...tagged la...Tralalala...lala..lala...(sila nyanyi in the Xmas song tune)

OK la...so kena tag la...oleh Miss Zazabamm.

Let's check out the syarat-syarat dan terma-terma:

The instructions:

1. Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

OK..mari godek-godek my photo folders, go to the 8th. folder, and extract the 8th. photo. And the photo is..

Adoi!!That's a photo of me with mata tertutup la...With Syamir some more!! Kat FB friends commented this photo is of me dengan mata stim. Chettt!!!

OK la...this photo was taken at our friend Osman's place during his Raya gathering last year. I made an entry about this gathering. Takde apa sangat nak cerita. Kitorang duduk-duduk berborak dengan our gym gang and it really was a nice gathering of friends. Makanan pun best. After that we proceeded to another gathering where we ate MORE FOOD. Fuhh...festive season sure is musim makan kan? Ok tu je ceritanya:)

OK..the real challenge is in tagging 8 other people? Malasnya. You know why? I must be like the lastest people to do this tag, other bloggers semua dah buat tag ni tau...So senang cerita, consider yourselves tagged OK!!(<--my favorite phase in tagging other people).

So...Ok now need to get ready to rumble in the kitchen. I'm making something for another friends' gathering tonight. and people, don't forget to switch off your lights at 8.30 tonight ok!! Give our Mother Earth a rest, and pay our homage to her during tonight's Earth Hour. Cheers!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

In Anticipation Of...


Yesterday evening, about an hour before the end of the working day, I received a phone call that I've been waiting for this coupla weeks.

Essentially, it's good news, but I don't dare confirming it nor rejoicing in it, yet. At least not until it's 100% confirmed.

But in the meantime, let me just be contend with being...secretly gleeful:)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Project Kitchen: Siakap Stim & Labu Rebus Belacan

Dah lama tak tunjuk aksi Mizz Ray ke dapur kan?? Bukan takde masak kat rumah, tapi sebab takde major project sangat. Tu belum lagi occassional malas time when I do is dial the number for meal delivery je hehehhe...

Anyway, I've also discovered the wonder that is induction cooker! Thus bersemangat balik masuk ke dapur, even masak awal pagi nak bawak bekal ke office (yes, I bring my own food to the office now, and I keep my cooking healthy and easy peasy). And using induction cooker makes the cooking time shorter and more efficient.

Siakap Stim

So anyway, last week I had great craving (yess...one of my famous cravings made a demand last week) for fish. And so happened that one night after gym I found fresh siakap at Tesco. So belila sekor. Sedihnya, beli sekor je? Yela..bajet sorang makan je mahhh...And of course, when it comes to siakap, nothing beats steaming it ya?

OK OK better get back to the cooking. A few days after I bought the siakap I went to the morning Pasar Tani near my work place and bought some belimbing tunjuk. Belimbing tunjuk kan nama belimbing kecik masam yang sebesar jari tu kan? So I thought maybe I can improvise sikit and letak sekali this belimbing dekat my steamed siakap.

Then over the weekend I invited a friend over to 'help me eat the food'. Best tak?? Ada assistant nak makan hehehe..Lain kali kalau sesapa nak volunteer tolong Mizz Ray makan jangan malu jangan segan sampaikan hajat di hati OK!:)

Mari layan gambar:

Bahan-bahan 'sampah' untuk stim ikan ni: Bawang kecil, bawang putih, halia, belimbing tunjuk, sebijik tomato (not in picture), cili, serai-semua bahan ni dihiris.

Ikan siakap ler...Mizz Ray takde steamer, so I had to make do with my multicooker. So I just cut the fish into half. Put it in an aluminium foil.

Gaul bahan-bahan yang dah dihiris tadi dengan seasoning of your choice-in my case they're white pepper, salt and a bit of ajinomoto. Sikit je OK. Lepas tu boleh la letak kat atas ikan tadi:)

Ni la rupa siakap yang dah ready untuk distim:). Jangan lupa boil the water and get your steamer ready ya..

Ni pulak rupa my siakap stim. Bestnya..lemak sedap ikan ni memang tak boleh nak cakap la. And good to know that it's steamed and there's absolutely no use of oil at all.

Labu Rebus Belacan

This is one very simple rebus dish (kira sayur la kan..?) that I thought is a nice company for the steamed siakap tu. Really simple and easy to do.

Let's check out the bahan-bahan:)

Labu, diced. Should be of similar size so that nanti masak pun serata.

Bahan-bahan lain very simple-bawang kecil, bawang putih, fresh chilli (kalau nak lagi pedas guna je cili padi), belacan sikit, udang kering sikit (rendam dulu)

Bila udang kering dah lembut sikit, toskan and together with all the other ingredients, sila la tumbuk:D. Sementara tu, you can start rebus the pumpkin tadi in moderate heat. Labu ni rupa je macam keras, tapi cepat gak lembut bila direbus kan?

So ngam-ngam bila dah siap menumbuk, labu pun agak-agak dah separuh lembik, tinggal masukkan saja bahan-bahan tumbuk tadi combine dengan labu tu.

Tunggu kejap je then once everything is thoroughly cooked, it's now ready to serve:)

Sorry ye bahasa pun memang rojak habis la, but kalau dah lapar, rojak pun rojak la...
Bon apetit!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Sleeping Angels

Nothing much to update here, but thought I'd like to share some pictures of my babies. My sleeping babies:D...

Truly, whether they're human babies or your beloved pet(s), snapping their photos while they're sleeping is really fascinating. And I do that a lot with my cats.

So enjoy!!

Sorry, no accompanying story nor captions, but I guess those pictures tell their own story don't they? Aren't they angelic and adorable?? Love them to bits.

Ok..now off to focus on the United-Scousers game....Dammit Torres just scored!!:(..Oh well...we have 85 more minutes to catch up. Till then..toodlooo!!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Beautiful Blogger?Awww....I'm Flattered;)

Heh...Thanks Leo honey for this award..Malu lerr....

But alas, it comes with a price, a.k.a a tag along with it. Lemme see the syarat-syarat yadda yadda...

OK here goes:
a. Thank & link the person that gave you the award.-CHECK
b. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic-WILL DO AFTER THIS
c. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award. -WILL DO AFTER THIS
d. State 7 things about yourself-OKIE DOKIE

Errmm...15 bloggers??? Sapa yer?I tend to blog-jump la. But if you're reading this, can you please consider yourselves tagged?? And it'd be good if you link me in and let me know you're doing it so that I can skodeng/check out/put you in my reading list/stalk your blog a lot more:)But still, I try ok...

Beautiful people:
1. Juwita
2. Ngegeh Babe-Geng blogger dari Kuching. Jawab jangan sik jawab ok Egeh!!
3.Aqies!!!-Weyyy mek ko wajib jawab tau...Kalo takkk....Hehhehe
4.Miak Nama Onn...Aihh dah malar madah dirik kach tek nak...so tuk nak dapat anugerah mesti polah tag tuk;)<--another Kch blogger
5.Darleng Ejad

Errmm..tu je yg terlintas kat kepala sekarang ni. Tapi if you're reading this, with all my heart I give you this award too. Would reaallly love to hear from you too so link me and let me know by leaving a comment ok!! Like I said, I'd love to skodeng your blogs too!:)

OK apa lagi nak kena buat??Check sat...

Now...7 things about myself? Apa ye..?

1. Mizz Ray loves her job! Heheh..tak percaya??I myself sometimes find it hard to believe. But I love the part where I get to write. Dolu-dolu time sekolah kan, cikgu English dgn cikgu BM mesti pening kepala bila dapat essay daripada Mizz Ray. Bukan apa, cikgu suruh buat 200-word limit, I would memandai-mandai buat until 800 words...Hikkksss...(oops..panjang lak. See?? Suka cerita meleret-leret mahh...)

2. Suka jugeks menari. Time sekolah pernah jadik wakil sekolah (and indirectly, Malaysia) in the friendly Festival Lagu Rakyat. Kitorang perform sambil menyanyi lagu-lagu tradisional rakyat Sarawak. Seronok banget! Nyanyi and menari dengan geng sekolah. Dah tu bila masuk uni pun ada gak involve, tapi tah apasal plak malas nak explore bebetul. Even Kolej Kediaman pun ada offer tempat kat kolej so that I can represent the college ni dalam Festival Seni, boleh plak sesenang reject padahal orang lain berebut tempat kat kolej tu. Isshhhh...

3. Masa kecik dulu dok dengan Arwah Atuk and Arwah Nenek lepas dapat adik lelaki. Tapi bila nak start kindy mak ayah amik balik duduk dengan diorang. At that time we lived in another town, about 2.5 hours away from Kuching. Masa nak berpisah dengan Nenek tu memang I mengamuk gila-gila la...Sebabnya, Mizz Ray ni cucu kesayangan Nenek ;). Still miss her till now, and I was the most affected when she passed away when I was in Form 4:(...tadah tangan sedekah Al-Fatihah jap...

4. Masa masuk sekolah rendah (and menengah jugak la...), mesti jadik budak saiz paling kecik kat kelas. Dah tu kan, kalau nak berbaris tu, mesti kena jadik budak berbaris paling kat depan:(...So nak lari pun susah. Nasib baik otak boleh pakai hehehe...

5. Mizz Ray adalah penyanyi yang pasti akan menyumbangkan lagu hahhaha..Pitching lari, hancus!! Tapi sekali sekala pergi karaoke best jugak sumbangkan lagu, boleh release tension. But thank god my rhythm is always right.

6. My first car was a Kelisa, back home in Kuching. Tapi bila pindah KL kena jual pulak. Sedih woorr...Banyak kenangan yang teramat manis dengan kereta (and dalam kereta heheh)..Kaler pun sama dengan my present car- ash gray. Suka kaler tu:)

7. Tak reti berenang, tapi boleh (insyaAllah) float on my back. Tu kira boleh berenang tak???<---sebab boleh buat kuak lentang mahhh...

OK tu je kot nak kena buat in order to accpet this award kan? Ehh jangan lupa ambik and tepek award ni ok!! Everybody is beautifullll...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

It's That Time of the Year

Hola...tertanya-tanya tak it's that time of the year for what??

Hehe...macam gempak sikit...Sikit je. No la, nothing much. It's that time of the year (or more like half-year) when I have to work on weekends too. So, this Saturday and Sunday, 13 & 14 March, I'll be slaving off again. It's our convocation, so Mizz Ray will be lepaking the whole day for two days at Wisma MCA.

*And that scandalous ex-minister might be the Guest of Honour. Tak confirm lagi, but we'll see. Hope I don't get tortourous mental picture la hor...;)*

So wish me great energy for this exhausting work, and perhaps, something more life-changing coming my way soon;)

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I did a booboo, and it involves money...and I'm figuring out ways to get outta this booboo...Yikesss!!!

Truth is, I fell victim to a marketing ploy/pressure, whatever you call it la. I signed up for the membership of something that is yes, very beneficial especially to my health. The thing is, I've paid some deposit and luckily, they have not charged my credit card to pay for the remaining amount for this membership.

And now, looking at how I need to save up for the house and the possibility of changes in my daily routine and life, I know I can't afford to add on to the existing money worries. So...I'm going to cancel this membership and hope that they can refund me the deposit that I paid yesterday.

So, next time, think carefully before you commit to something or spend your money ok Mizz Ray??? Kalau kaya raya banyak duit takpe...Issshhhhh...