Sunday, 28 March 2010

Project Kitchen: Peach Crumble

Hhmm...Makin rajin plak bersilat di dapur sekarang kan;)..Sukaaa...

This past coupla weeks, I've been wanting to bake this particular dessert that I've bought the ingredients since last week. Problem was finding the time (and the appropriate occasion) to do it.

Anyway, the right time came when Friday evening, a friend called me up to invite me for a party/makan-makan at their place on Saturday night (last night le tu..). It would also be a gathering of friends and so I knew right away that I've got to do this. Ada orang tolong makan:)

OK here's what making peach crumble is all about:

As with any other kitchen adventure of mine, I tend to improvise. So instead of using a baking dish, I used a springform. So first, I sapu some butter at the bottom and side of the springform. Ni sebab takut the peach pieces lekat masa dalam oven.

I used canned peach je..(yelah, mana nak carik fresh peach kan) Lepas tu just arrange the peach at the bottom, susunla ikut your creativity. I also added raisins, nak bagi more oommmpphh:)

Mix together flour, brown sugar, a bit of salt, a bit of baking powder and a bit of nutmeg powder (optional)in a separate bowl. You can also put cinnamon powder, but I opted not to do that sebab tak suka bau cinnamon:)(self-prescribed allergy kononnya)

Mix them together.

Then get about 150g of butter, potong dice. It should be straight out of the fridge, don't wait for the butter to get into room temperature form to do it, nanti nak jadikan the flour crumble tu tak menjadi.

Mix the butter into the flour mix, then with your fingers mix the butter and flour into a crumble mixture.

Ni lah rupa the crumble mixture:)

Then put the flour mixture on top of the peach arrangement tadi. In the mean time, preheat the oven at 150 degrees. Bila oven dah panas, boleh dah masukkan peach crumble tadi and bake at 150 for about 20-25 minutes.

This is how it looked like coming out of the oven.

Err..sorry la takde gambar peach crumble ni on my plate. Bukan apa, we only ate it at the makan-makan last nite, and by then semua orang dah lapar, nak ambik gambar pun terlupa dah. But suffice to say, It was a good hit with my friends:)..Alhamdulillah...

Just for your info, this is more or less how the crumble looks like in the plate. It is actually best eaten warm with a dollop of icecream as company. This pix is courtesy of Mr. Google. Thanks Googs!!

This recipe is really easy to do. Cuba la...Bon apetit!!:)


  1. rajinnya... bila la i nak bake benda2 macam ni..

  2. Ala...start with simple recipes je la Lady. Ni pun kira super duper simple gak ni!! Actually baking wouldn't take up too much of your time la..Campak2 je masuk oven dah siap dah hahha

  3. Hi Ray,

    that peach crumble looks simple enough. Simple2 pun mcm payah aje nak buat.

    BTW, I dont live in Perth. I live in Subang Jaya. I think you dah mixed up with the lady in Perth who breeds cats.

  4. Eh Somuffins..
    Oopppsy-daisy!!Sorry termixed-up la kot hahha...Anyway trust me buat peach crumble ni memang sangat-sangat simple. Try la. Bahan pun simple je. Nak improvise sendiri pun ok je

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  6. Looks yummehhh....tak pernah buat...takut tak menjadi hehe...

  7. nampak mcm senang.. kalau senang2 gini bole la nak buat kot.. tp tu ler.. niat jer ada.. tp malassss sesaja..


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