Thursday, 11 March 2010

It's That Time of the Year

Hola...tertanya-tanya tak it's that time of the year for what??

Hehe...macam gempak sikit...Sikit je. No la, nothing much. It's that time of the year (or more like half-year) when I have to work on weekends too. So, this Saturday and Sunday, 13 & 14 March, I'll be slaving off again. It's our convocation, so Mizz Ray will be lepaking the whole day for two days at Wisma MCA.

*And that scandalous ex-minister might be the Guest of Honour. Tak confirm lagi, but we'll see. Hope I don't get tortourous mental picture la hor...;)*

So wish me great energy for this exhausting work, and perhaps, something more life-changing coming my way soon;)

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