Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cerita Tag Lagi

'Tis the season to be...tagged la...Tralalala...lala..lala...(sila nyanyi in the Xmas song tune)

OK kena tag la...oleh Miss Zazabamm.

Let's check out the syarat-syarat dan terma-terma:

The instructions:

1. Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

OK..mari godek-godek my photo folders, go to the 8th. folder, and extract the 8th. photo. And the photo is..

Adoi!!That's a photo of me with mata tertutup la...With Syamir some more!! Kat FB friends commented this photo is of me dengan mata stim. Chettt!!!

OK la...this photo was taken at our friend Osman's place during his Raya gathering last year. I made an entry about this gathering. Takde apa sangat nak cerita. Kitorang duduk-duduk berborak dengan our gym gang and it really was a nice gathering of friends. Makanan pun best. After that we proceeded to another gathering where we ate MORE FOOD. Fuhh...festive season sure is musim makan kan? Ok tu je ceritanya:)

OK..the real challenge is in tagging 8 other people? Malasnya. You know why? I must be like the lastest people to do this tag, other bloggers semua dah buat tag ni tau...So senang cerita, consider yourselves tagged OK!!(<--my favorite phase in tagging other people).

So...Ok now need to get ready to rumble in the kitchen. I'm making something for another friends' gathering tonight. and people, don't forget to switch off your lights at 8.30 tonight ok!! Give our Mother Earth a rest, and pay our homage to her during tonight's Earth Hour. Cheers!


  1. mata stim yang tak tahan tu heheheh...

  2. Salam Ms Ray ..

    I bloghop from Mami's. Have read some of your coretans, kelakar. You suka cakap meleret2 ya? hehe. I always say orang yg suka digress are the creative lot. Do you agree with me? (mcm nak bitau orang I pun kreatif, kekdahnya laa *wink*)

  3. Lady...

    Ye betul...malu ler depa cakap mata stim. Tambah2 katanya stim kat my friend sebelah tu, and I was like..WOTTT???Him??No way la..he's like my brother jer...Sumpah!!Hahhahahhaha

  4. Hai somuffins,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Woyuld love to hear from you again ya:)

    Hehheh very much so. Cakap meleret-leret ni actually maksudnya orang tu panjang akal (chewahh..kes masuk bakul nih!!)..So jgn malu tu cakap leret-leret, provided you get ur message across la kan? Sure will be visiting your blogs too..ehh yg title mcm ada cats tu ada lagi tak? If ur a cat lover too, sure we can swa cat stories kan?

  5. Hi Ray ..

    Daku kembali, heheh.

    You were asking me 'yg title mcm ada cats tu ada lgi tak?' .. well, r u talking abt my other blog 'cutiecats' yg hidup segan mati tak mau, tu? hehe.. it has been terbengkalai .. but I hope to revive itlah ... *cian my cats*

  6. Hi Somuffins

    Hehhe takpe..I will skodeng skodeng your blog too. Kalau sudi tepekla gambo kucing kat situ. I understand that you live in Perth now? That's nice. Trying to save up to go to Aussie soon. Operative word: TRYIN hahhaha..Insyaallah ada rezeki sampai la...


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