Sunday, 7 March 2010


I did a booboo, and it involves money...and I'm figuring out ways to get outta this booboo...Yikesss!!!

Truth is, I fell victim to a marketing ploy/pressure, whatever you call it la. I signed up for the membership of something that is yes, very beneficial especially to my health. The thing is, I've paid some deposit and luckily, they have not charged my credit card to pay for the remaining amount for this membership.

And now, looking at how I need to save up for the house and the possibility of changes in my daily routine and life, I know I can't afford to add on to the existing money worries. So...I'm going to cancel this membership and hope that they can refund me the deposit that I paid yesterday.

So, next time, think carefully before you commit to something or spend your money ok Mizz Ray??? Kalau kaya raya banyak duit takpe...Issshhhhh...

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