Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I'm Not Really Sure...

But errmm....I think I'm ready to love again.

I think of our good times less.

I no longer think I need to share my problems with him like I used to, although most of those problems stemmed from my time with him.

I think I can put all the memories of our time together at the back of my mind, though I don't think I can ever find someone as compatible to me in every way as I do with him.

I no longer cry out of missing him. I feel more peaceful knowing that though I have loved and lost, I still have the strength to get up again and move on.

I'm thankful for my resolution of getting nearer to God, and to love myself more.

Time DOES heal a broken heart. I think I'm ready to love again.


  1. im happy for you.. :)

    pssst:thanks for the tips on bihun goreng.. hehe

  2. Thanks Lady, but sometimes ada gak feeling-feeling melancholic. Tambah-tambah bulan April ni his birthday month.

    But I'm OK..bet myself busy and happy happy la..:)


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