Thursday, 1 April 2010

What's A Girl Without Her Shoes?

Heard that saying before? If not, it must be something that I coined myself. But then again, true enough, we girls can never have enough shoes kan? Ye lah..You need to wear that pair of shoes that suits the occassion. Wrong shoes can ruin the whole look, and not to mention ruin your mood.

And what could be worse than a ruined mood? Deflated confidence.

Aiyo...apa plak cerita kasut ni?? Bukan apa, it's a debt I need to pay. A tag debt la hahha.. Thank youMadam Lady of Leisure, ni I bayar hutang k?:)

The tag states that I need to talk about my favourite pair of shoes:)

Brand: Scholl
Price: RM175.00
Date of Purchase: Can't remember, but I know it's sometime early 2009?? Hmmm..can't really recall.
Reason for Buying: Actually this was an impulsive buy. But then again memang I was looking for a comfy flat shoes. Went window shopping with my friend Nina at Sunway Pyramid at that time and mula-mula tu kitorang carik kat Clarks and other shoe stores. But me, having Cinderella feet, memang have been having trouble finding suitable shoes (size 3 ok..)..So happened that the Scholl outlet was right opposite the Clarks store and we went in, and I found this one! Nina bought another pair as well, but of a different pattern.

Why do I love it? Because it's soooooo...super comfy! It's nice to wear with just about anything, and after all these years, it hasn't shown any signs of wear and 'tear' (I really jaga my shoes tau..):)..It also protects my feet nicely.

OK this is how it looks like when worn:

Ni pulak another favourite of mine, but suitable to wear only during formal affairs. 3-inch heels mahh. My Raya shoes:)

And this is my shoe rack. Currently can only hold about 16 pairs of shoes je. feel the need to pass on this tag to other people la..How about..

Egeh Babe
Darleng Bakal Pengantin Leo
Mama Jue

And you, and you, and you out there, please accept this tag and do this simple homework OK!:)


P.S- In need of another pair of shoes la...


  1. serious size 3? hehe... memang cinderella la ni.. i size 4 hehehe... tapi cantik la kasut u, dulu i suka heels, but then i pilih yang flat coz i realize dia selesa untuk dipakai pergi mana2 pun... esp kalau jalan jauh kan...

    btw thanks a lot sebab buat tag ni...

  2. Yeepps...Size 3, that's me!!:)..memang susah tau nak carik kasut, so most of the time I buy mine kat Vincci actually, sebab kat situ je ada jual this size.

    Most other brands only start at 4. But now slowly I think my feet can get into size 4 la pulak. Aikkss??? Our kaki boleh membesar ke?? (aside from the end of the day swelling tu la..)..Musykil gak

  3. byknya kasut.. cantik2 pulak.. saya cuma ada 4 kasut jer.. sports shoe, kasut tinggi yg terbukak, kasut tinggi yg tertutup dan kasut rendah.. itu ajer yg dibelasah.. kalau rosak baru beli baru.. hik hik..

  4. Hahaha ratna, dah boleh tahan gak kesukaan kat kasut ni. Tp yg murah-murah ajer...;)

    Ala takpe la..Ratna mesti jenih alah beli menang memakai kan??


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