Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Monday 19 April

This took place yesterday. Had a brief SMS session with him.

Me to him: Hai. When are you going to .........................(something to do with our shared problem)? Plz, I really really need u to help. Sum others also pending.

Him to me: Hi I know I'm waiting for ......(his explanation) Hang on k...

Me to him: OK tq

Him to me: Tq for being patient wif me.

I didn't reply after that. Didn't know how to. Yeah I've been very patient, but patience has its limit, and I don't want to hang around anymore.

Which reminds me, next week, Monday, is his birthday. I can't help thinking of our past celebrations, my gifts to him. I even still keep in my drawer, a Chinese silk tie that I got for him from my trip to Beijing last year, which was meant to be a birthday gift for him. And mostly, of the love we shared.

Oh well, I'm moving on now. Always praying for strength from His Almighty. Always praying for someone better than him. Always praying for the wellbeing for him also, and to doakan that I don't think bad thoughts of him. If he is meant for me, then so be it. But I know he's not for me, and I'm redha, and I am moving on.


What say you..