Thursday, 22 April 2010

Homecoming and Reunion of the Janda's


One of my uni friends, Hasni, married a Dutch and is now residing in Amsterdam. Occasionally she and her hubby, Perry would make their way back to Malaysia in between their various travel adventures (Hamboi Hasni...berjalan je keje ko yerrr...!!).

The last time she was back in Malaysia was during Raya last year, but when she wanted to meet up with us I was in Kuching then, enjoying my long extended Raya holiday. So I had to miss that reunion.

And last week, she and her husband managed to reach KL just before the notorious Icelandic volcanic eruption that later on crippled the almost worldwide aviation and travel industry up until a couple of days ago. Then a few days ago I got a viral SMS from friends inviting those based in KL to a reunion dinner at our old makan-makan haunt at our residential college in UM.

Yes, we were 3rd. Collegians, a.k.a Kolej Janda, or by its real name, Kolej Kediaman Tunku Kurshiah. Why is the college called Kolej Janda?? Haiyoo...of course la Kolej Janda. That's what we get when there're three residential blocks for girls and only ONE block for boys. Historically, it was built especially for female undergraduates only, after that they put in the boys there too.

I lived there along with most of the people I met last night throughout our two years of Asasi studies. That's our Foundation years. Ala-ala A Level la tu...

So after work yesterday I managed to squeeze in about one hour of cardio training at the gym before I hit the shower and drove the short distance to UM campus.

Goshh..I can't believe how much 3rd. (as we call the kolej tu) has changed. Our makan place, Sahur (the name of the taukey la) used to be located at the back, below our dining hall and just facing one of the girls' blocks. But now it has been shifted to the front side of the compound, still below the dining hall, but right next to what used to be an empty lot next to the great staircase where we used to have college-related meetings, performance or lepak with friends. Ohh...and paktow place too (not me ya...)

And none of us can actually believe that it's been X years (hehehe...saje taknak bagitau) since we left 3rd. and graduated and going on each other's separate life direction.

It really felt like it was only yesterday that we marched in our Boria batik baju kurung to and from the Dewan Tunku Chanselor while at the same time shouting boos at the neighbouring collegians (that means 4th. and 7th.) during Orientation Week (torture tau!!!), singing Yippi Ya-ya..Yippi ya-ya Eh song (lagu 3rd. RC daaa...) and Kodok ngorok reketok..reketok. And of walking the long distance from our college to the Pusat Asasi Sains, which is on the other side of the campus. And of laughing over our antics with grumpy old lecturers, as well as of remembering the ones whom we loved.

We had big meals and super-duper great reminiscing session. Of life at 3rd., of the people we encountered, of the friends who couldn't make it last night, of the lecturers that made our campus life memorable, of the alma mater in general, and of course, of our life after leaving UM.

Friends married and have kids. Friends got into relationships, some may work out, some may not. Some may be in the midst of getting to know other people. Some moved out of the country, some stayed behind. Some tried out many things, travelled to places, experienced the ups and downs of life.

And yet, it's when something like this, the reunion that we had last night and have big loud laughs over shared experience that made me apreciate these people's presence in my life. We may have gone to various directions, and yet, our past binds us in (hopefully) an eternal friendship and kinship.

Enjoy the pix!:)

Hasni is the one in the middle, wearing black top

From left: Sureena, Hasni, Perry, Zeeda, Shireen, Syakie, me, and Nina. A few others have already left by this point

We were just so caught up in our chatters that we didn't take that many photos:)

Best kan dok lepak-lepak and have reunions with your friends?:)

*P.S cheeks look like mereka sedang mengalami pengembangan ala-ala pau yang sedang dikukus ahhahaha..Must be because in anticipation of the good monthly good friend nih!! (ayat pujuk diri sendirik..hikss...)


  1. Meeting up with old friends memang best kannn???

  2. Ha ahhh..

    And I noticed that you're having ur own reunion gak kan!!:)

    Alhamdulillah after all these years still ada silaturrahim dengan kawan-kawan. Semua tu rezeki kita jugak:)


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