Sunday, 25 April 2010

Project Kitchen: Sue's (Hopefuly) Healthy Multi-Grain Cookies

I'm telling ya, playing in my kitchen, whipping up something that will end up in your stomach memang my ultimate therapy la...(alongside shopping, of course).

So today I thought instead of the usual dish or cake, I'd bake cookies. I've got butter on standby in the fridge, and keep telling myself maybe I'll come up with a hopefully healthy type of cookie, so today is just the right time to do it.

OK here's what happened in my kitchen today:

Butter 250g, softly whisk with around 100g brown sugar. Brown sugar is essentially less sweet than the normal white sugar.

Lepas tu masukkan separuh sudu teh baking powder, and sebijik telur. Campurkan lagi. (Ehhh???Tukar mode bahasa pulak?)

Then get about 2 1/2 - 3 cups of multigrain cereal. This is how it looks like, and I used Nestum Multigrain. Boleh kata their new product jugak la. Dalamnya ada nestum, oat and corn ( I think). Masukkan dalam adunan butter/brown sugar/egg tadi. I also added in about half a cup of flour. Ala campur je guna tangan. Lagi senang so we can feel the texture.

Ni dah siap diuli, and ready to be baked. At the same time, heat up your oven at 200degrees. Then shape the cookies any way you like - I did mine besar-besar sebab niatnya memang nak makan for breakfast so bolehla adjust makan seketul sehari hahahha. You can use cookie cutter, or smaller size freestyle ke. Anything will do, boleh je hentam ikut suka hahahha..

Anyway, bake it at 150-200 for 20 minutes.

This is how they look like. Tadi kan, time my cookies were baking in the oven, baunya mak aii...Heaven!! Rasa macam time-time nak Raya dah sebab bau semerbak biskut ni.

Alhamdulillah, sedap, kurang manis sebab the multigrain cereal tu pun ada gak kandungan gula sikit. kalau makan dengan Starbucks latte ni mesti best:)

So happy trying!:)


  1. alamak.. sedapnye... mintak sket?? :O===

  2. Onggon- Mun maok datang amik hahha. Delivery service sikda time tuk

    Bro Azrul & Azyei-kalau nak datang The Curve ptg ni 6.35pm class. I can pass sikit;)

  3. nyum..nyum..mesti sedap ni..

  4. I lurrrve multi-grain whatever... bread, buns, cookies, cereal bars... yum!yum!

  5. sedapnya nampak, i suka kalau yg kurang manis macam ni... minum petang or breakfast best ni kan..

  6. Ratna, Alhamdulillah boleh tahan. Tak manis sangat, dah tu rangup nyam nyam:) Cuba la. Ala tp ni biskut main campak2 bahan je, langsung takdak ikut memana resipi.

    Multigrain kan elok for ur kesihatan:)..Complete semua esp fibre which is usually what we neglect

    Tu la..It's now in my office. So kalau nka afternoon snacking when I run out of my fruit memang pekena cookie ni la:D


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