Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Just a Little Note


Can't believe that we're about 2 weeks away from the new year. I can't say that that 2013 has been a good year for me. In fact, it's an annus horriblis for me. Pretty much like 2005. Maybe I'll take the time to list the reasons why 2013 hasn't been a year I want to remember.

But whatever it is, I'm so thankful to still be around, to breath the air that I breath, to have strength to live, to have patience and faith in facing the difficulties that I encounter, and to remain optimistic of the future that awaits.

I'll try to gather my blogging mojo and get cracking on writing again. But I'm just looking forward to ending the year on a high note. And praying that that high note continues on into the coming 2014.

The high note that I mean is happening this 28th December...:

We're celebrating our x anniversary reunion this year!! (Hahaha takkan nak cakap berapa tahun dah kan? Sapa tahu tu tahu laa....) Can't believe how time has passed. It feels like yesterday we parted ways after SPM!

Ok cheers everyone! And early Merry Christmas too!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Aidilfitri 2013


So how's everyone? Still in Raya mood? I know I am. But missing Kuching too...

Raya mood: 100%, working mood: 0%.. Hahahha...

First of all, and I hope it's not too late, but I would like to say Happy Eid to whoever reading this entry, maaf zahir dan batin too. And I hope everyone had a good celebration, and great time spent with family and friends.

Alhamdulillah, we went through Ramadhan kareem without much problem, and even now, I miss this holy month still. Let's pray semoga kita berjumpa bulan Ramadhan lagi next year ok? InsyaAllah...

But alas, once Ramadhan is over, Syawal is here, and it's time to celebrate our Ramadhan victory. I flew home to Kuching on 3 August, yes I know a bit early, but well, I was really eager to get home this year. No specific reason, just that I miss Kuching and my family extra this time round.

Took loads of photos, cooked loads of food, and spent lots of time with friends too. Lemme just share everything in pictures, shall I?

 Dalam kepala asyik nyanyi lagu 'Balik Kampung'!!!

 Our lampu Raya. Good time to play around with my camera too!
 Tumis kari and kacau rendang!
 My signature dish - daging masak merah
 Pagi Raya, went to my auntie's house nearby and had a bit of Raya breakfast there. This is my niece, Nurin Jazlina. Ye.. nama dekat-dekat sangat dengan the famous arwah Nurin Jazlin kan?
 Our living room deco. Simple je...

 Some family portraits and memories
 A unique Kuching Raya experience would be eating keropok ikan with acar timun. Just to get away from all the normal fatty/santan-y Raya food

 Reconnect with school friends, most already with family of their own.

Then, on 14 August I flew back to KL, albeit with major reluctance. But the celebration and time to reconnect our silaturrahim with friends doesn't end. This time, celebration with friends in KL..

 Oh well, Raya sebulan, more time to meet up with friends and bond with them ehh?

That's all for now. Selamat hari raya everyone!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Short Note on a Highly-Emotional Day

Assalam everyone,

This is gonna be a very, very short entry. A jiwang one even. Just wanna post and share this video. The lyrics say it all...

That's all. Have a blessed fast, ok?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Assalam everyone.

It's been a while. But first thing first, it's Ramadhan Kareem, Happy Fasting everyone!

May all your ibadahs this month is accepted by Allah the Al-Mighty, and may everyone take this opportunity to be better in every aspects of their life!

In the meantime, I just wanna post this:

Some Stuff Saya Nak Let Go


This is going to be a bilingual rojak entry. Rasa nak cakap English, cakap omputeh la. Rasa nak tunjuk patriotik, cakap Bahasa Malaysia la..

Anyways, I would like to let go some of the stuff that I have in my keeping, especially those I bought during my travels. I'm gonna start with the stuff I bought in Dubai. Actually... errmm ok tak payahla nak cerita the story behind some of the things I'm selling here la...

Basically, if you found anything you like here, just shoot me an email to and tell me what item you'd like to purchase by quoting the item code. I'll hold the item for you under 'reserved' status but only for about 24 hours I'll let u know if it's available and will give you the payment detail. Once you've done the transfer, shoot me another email with proof of your transfer and I'll Poslaju the item for you.

Sorry, sale is open to those currently residing in Malaysia saja ye? *huhu...ada ke overseas readers nak beli?* I've never sold anything online yet, so kena slow-slow la..

So here are some of the stuff I'm letting go:

Nine West 2 1/2" peep-toe pumps
Size: 5 1/2 (UK size)
Code: NW-01
Colour: Light beige
Price: RM100.00 (not inclusive of postage)
Never been worn (see second photo). Reason for letting go? Sebab kaki saya ala-ala saiz Cinderella, tapi tah kenapa kat Dubai ada mengembang sikit tu yang time try kat sana ok la pulak!! Hahaha...

Note: Sorry, the shoes don't come with box as I had to pack them without their box, otherwise takde space in my luggage at that time. But I will pack it nicely before sending it to the buyer. If you are in Puchong Prima/Cyberjaya/Putrajaya areas, you can have the option of collecting it from me personally. Just let me know your preference ya:)

Nine West 2 1/2" round-toe covered pumps
Size: 5 1/2 (UK size)
Code: NW-02
Colour: Black
Price: RM100.00 (not inclusive of postage)
Never been worn (see second photo jugak!). Reason for letting go? Same reason. Angin perasan kaki saiz wanita normal sedangkan.... (ayat habiskan sendiri).

Same note applicable ya...

Burj Al-Arab glass miniature
Light at the bottom that gives out different colours :)
Size: 7" height
Code: DXB-MN01
Price: RM50.00 (not inclusive of postage)
Comes with a special box

Burj Khalifa metal miniature, glass bottom
I have 2 diifferent colours as in the photos.
Size: 7" height
Code: DXB-MN02, DXB-MN03
Price: RM50.00 (not inclusive of postage)
Each comes with a special box

Below are Dubai fridge magnets that I am also letting go. All are metal fm's, so there's no risk of it falling off your fridge and pecah berderai... As the above items, price of all items stated below doesn't include postage charges ya..







 Last, but not least, are some Hard Rock Cafe pins to HRC pin collectors out there!



So, here are just some stuff I'm selling off this time around. Do shoot me via email should anything catches your fancy at ok?


Friday, 7 June 2013

Just A Quick One

And I hope I can do a short update.

It's about 5.30pm on a Friday, weekend mode should have started. It has actually, it's just that I haven't left the office yet.

So many things I'd like to ramble about actually, but I don't think I'll do it today as yet.

In short, just wanna say that since early this year, career-wise, I've gone through lots of changes, felt many different feelings, on an emotional roller-coaster, so to say. I've had lots of time to reflect on many things, think about my directions in life and in career, and how to be a better person.

I guess everyone strives to be a better person in the eyes of the Al-Mighty, his/her family, friends, community, and everyone around them. Due to the changes and challenges I went through, I made sure that in order to be a better person than I was before, I myself have to make that first move.

And that first move was this:

Alhamdulillah... Wish me all the best and His utmost blessings for my hijrah, will you?

Will story-story some more later. Till then, have a smashing weekend!

Monday, 3 June 2013

So.. How Have You Been? On Geneva, London, Bali, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Dubai


I promised that I would start re-updating this space, right? Truthfully speaking, I have not found a full inclination toward doing so. But I try. Alasan saya? I haven't found my lost blogging mojo! Yes, superficial reason, but a valid nonetheless.

So many things I'd like to update actually, to cover the the year-or-so that I have left this space stalled. Main reason being, I was too busy with work especially, to find enough time to sit down and think of what I want to ramble about at that moment of time.

In the time that I stopped chronicling my journey in the UK, slightly over a month after that in late October 2011, I went to Europe again for a work trip. This time it was off to Geneva and London, again. Had a great time, felt very privileged to be able to go, and shopped till I drop!

Here are some snapshots from that trip in Switzerland and London:

Had the honour of dining and meeting the former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when we had dinner at the Malaysian Consulate. It was the middle of autumn, it was cold at times but Geneva's beautiful.

After we were done in Geneva, flew to London for another assignment. Had great fun with colleagues and my boss, and reconnected with the city I left a few weeks before that and I consider homely.

 That was in October till early November.

After that, was caught up again with work, and I started to handle so many things at work. Loved it though cause I felt challenged and I know I was honing on my talents.

Come the new year 2012, work was still something that kept me busy. But early February, I managed to go for a long weekend trip to Bali with my friend Shahida. It was supposed to be a GF trip, but Shireen and Shakie had to cancel going at the last minute. But we still had fun though!

 Throughout the year, I was involved in various tasks at the office. Life was pretty hectic. I was in a relationship. I don't want to write much on that, nor can I recall what else was I involved in at work and outside of it. Alhamdulillah, life was good. Don't get me wrong, it still is. It's just that things have changed considerably since then.

The big trip for 2012 for me, in addition to Bali, was Australia in November. Went to Sydney for a few days, then I flew to Adelaide to visit an old friend, flew to Melbourne and then back to Sydney. I was traveling alone for the first Sydney and Adelaide leg of the trip, then with someone in Melbourne and back in Sydney.

Here are just some snapshots of the trip:

 All of the above: in Sydney.

 With Carol and her hubby Jeff in Harndoff on Adelaide Hills.


 Back in Sydney. Hard Rock Cafe, tempat wajib pegi no matter where I go. No, not everything in those bags was for us. We received many requests from friends asking us to buy this and that over there.
 Aiya... gambar senget! How to straighten it?

 One of my lifelong dreams come true: being with koala and feeding the kangaru
 Cute penguins!

 Blue Mountains in Sydney. But it was extremely foggy so we couldn't see the Three Sisters at all!

Anyways, that was in November.

Alhamdulillah, come December pulak, I was assigned to be with the Malaysian delegation to Dubai pulak for another international ITU event.

 Alhamdulillahh... Ada rezeki naik Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world. But if you're gayat, jangan la naik ok? :)
 Like seriously, how to rotate the photos? See? I haven't been blogging for too long, now that they're sort of using the new format, I have no clue how to deal with this small matter!

  That's about it what I've been up to, travel-wise, during the 1-year odd that I haven't updated this space.

Will fill it up some more Insya-Allah..

See ya!