Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mari Gelak Togeder-Geder..:D


This is the fest that I've been waiting for this whole month:)

PJ Laugh Fest 2010.

Seriously, when do we seek laughter in our life? We know the saying, laughter is the best medicine. But why so serious?

In our quest for happiness, we benchmark that with the amount of money we have, the things we buy, the children we have, the property we own and the job we do. But have we thought about being happy in the friends we have, the smile we give and receive everyday, and of course, the laughter we have?

Let's look at the sunny side of life shall we? I know I want to, and always try to.

So starting from tomorrow night, PJ Live Art will be presenting the month-long PJ Laugh Fest, starting with..

This is what I'm gonna watch tomorrow night. Got my tickets earlier (discounted price of RM36 only), and here's a bit of info on that performance.

So You Think You Can Mamak?
30th April - 1st May : 3 PM & 8.30 PM
Starring - Na'a Murad, Megat Sharizal, Bella Rahim, Nick Davis & Kuah Jenhan
Directed by - Joanna Bessey

Synopsis :
What happens when a Malaysian Adventurer, an Ambitious Achiever, a Protective Father-type and a Nerdy Pragmatist sit down for a typical Mamak Session? Find out in this devised, original comedy piece. Which type person are you? So you think YOU can mamak?

Many other performances-skits, live acts and comedy theatre such as this are lined up throughout this Fest. I hope I can catch more, and at the same time, be able to support our local arts movement.

In the meantime, let me just go to my corner and practice my laugh...Muahahahhahahahha?? Or kekekkekekekekkeke??? Or ahakkkkkssss..? Or Hahahhahhihiihihhiiihuhuhuhuhhuuhu..?

So let's all laugh togeder-geder OK!!:)

*p.s- Mizz Ray tak dapat upah pun promote benda ni. Just buat public announcement jer. Review will come later OK;)
*p.p.s- All photos and infos from PJ Laugh Fest website:)


  1. Muahahahahhaaha it is..;)

    Jom pi this Fest la Lady, ajak hubby tu. U guys will sure get that well-deserved fun. Hilangkan sikit stress kita kan?


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