Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I had a blast last weekend. Great time spent with friends, furry family, movie and fine dining -which I will blog about later. But I thought I wanna skip all that and write about last Sunday first, about something that is close to my heart -cats.

You know that I have 7 cats at home, all from one family, all which I rescued from the street somewhere in Kepong. Now my life pretty much revolve around Mimi and her kids. And since then, I made it a point to encourage my friends to also adopt stray cats instead of buying them from the petshop.

Alhamdulillah, from time to time I also rescued kittens (especially) and managed to find homes for them -mainly to my friends who coincidentally were looking to have cats as their pets. I also made it a point to encourage them to get the cats neutered and spayed because the excercise bring more benefits than harm, and of ourse to ensure that their cats are well taken care of.

Anyway, on Sunday, I went to my usual pet store at Taman Tun (late afternoon when there would be pasar malam there) to get bags of litter for my babies when I saw this outside Pet Plaza:

I met with Nicole-Ann Thomas and her friend (or sister?)from Independent Pet Rescuers Malaysia (can I call myself that too?) who regularly rescue cats and dogs and take care of these animals and get them rehomed. On that day they brought three cages of cats and tried to get people (the pasar malam crowd) to adopt these cats. Trust me I was so geram wishing I could take home some of them, but then again, I just don't have enough space at home now. These wonderful ladies are doing a fantastic jobs with these adorable cats, and I applaud their efforts.
I hope many people brought home your cats that day Nicole-Ann;)

So if you're looking to get a cat (or a dog), please don't spend your money and buy those expensive puppies OK? Because many more unfortunate ones living on the street also deserve a loving home.

If you want more info on what Nicole-Ann is doing, you can visit her blog. If you want to meet these adorable cats yourself and perhaps adopt them, you can go to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail on Sundays especially in the late afternoon, and at Hartamas Shopping Complex on Saturday afternoon at 1PM onwards.

Awww...aren't they cute??Aren't they adorable? Don't they deserve a home?

Please, bring these cats (and dogs) home and share your love with them. I should know, I brought home Mimi and her kids, I fell in love with them and they give me such unconditional love that is just as fulfilling as having your own kids. If you want to know how you can contact Nicole-Ann, just buzz me at the comment box. I don't know of any other way I can help them, but at least making his entry is a beginning.

People need to know that our animals deserve better treatment. Don't dump your cats or your dogs if you don't find them cute anymore. Don't torture them and stop feeding them just because you don't think you can afford to. The least you can do is to let them find their own food. Spay and neuter your pets if you don't want them to reproduce before the next thing you know, you become the person who dumps their cats or dogs to the street. I'm not talking at random here, I've seen these things happening around me.

Subhanallah..God makes animals sinless-because they don't have the level of intelligence like we do. But what they do know is to love you and PRAY for you. Trust me, insyaAllah when you keep your animals and treat them well, they always pray for your endless rezeki and happiness.

To end this, jamu mata with my baby girl Dodo OK;)..She's just like any other cats, loving the sometimes tight space to find comfort and security, and that's all animals -including street animals- need in their lives.


  1. Comelnyer kucing2 tu...bagus Ray buat entry ni... :-)

  2. Thanks Eynda. Kalau sudi, boleh mintak tolong Eynda buat entry cenggini jugak tak?? Bukan apa, just nak educate kawan-kawan kat luar sana supaya sayangi haiwan. Tu jer..:)

    Haiwan ni tuhan jadikan tiap satunya ada fungsi, ada rahmat dari tuhan. Kalau kita tak jaga, tak pun hidup sesama dlm suasana harmoni, sapa lagi kan?


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