Sunday, 30 May 2010

My Not-so-Busy Week Tapi Buat Macam Busy, and Leo's White Garden Wedding


I know..When you're on a long extended leave, you would've expect to have that extra motivation to update your blog, wouldn't you? But noooo.....Mizz Ray jadik malas la pulak. Sorry ya!:) (as if la anybody would care...Ada ker??)

Anyway, actually for the whole week that I'm on leave, basically I just stayed home, then keluar almost every evening to the gym and/or lepak dengan kawan-kawan. At the same time, I was revising for an examination.

Examination apa?, you might ask. Well, it was the Computerized Unit Trust Examination (CUTE). Yepps, I'm about to become a unit trust agent. So if you have the need to invest your money and need help to plan your finance, or how to multiply your money/saving (insyaAllah), let me help you OK!:)

On Saturday last weekend I attended the Passing the CUTE Exam class held at Public Bank building at Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, which took the whole day. Then on Wednesday, I went there again to attend another tuition class, Success 101. The other days were spent revising and staying put at home, layan anak-anak, house chores, and gym.

So I took the exam yesterday at 12 noon, and Alhamdulillah, after completing it within one hour, I passed!

The highlight of my week must've been last night. Yes, we celebrated my friend Leo's KL wedding reception at Tasik Titiwangsa. White/garden theme OK!!:)

Lots of people I know and love were there, and everybody had a marvelous time. We laughed, took lots of photos, danced, ate and mingled around. The bride and groom were so radiant and happy. Here are some photos from our merriment last night:)

Photos from my camera

Photos from my friends' cameras. More photos in my FB :)..

Fuhhh!!..Really had a good time last night. My friend Nina went with me and so after the reception I sent her back to her new crib. Lepak there for about an hour, and talked mainly on getting our own place, contractors and things to do once you bought your own house. More on that perhaps in the next entry.

Reached home at close to midnight, and as of today, I have another one full day before I start that new job. Till then, adios!!

*P.S Actually ingat nak sambung sekali cerita hari ni, tapi nanti entry jadi terlalu panjang pulak, so I'll save it for tomorrow ya!!:)

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