Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Super Fantabulous Fabulousity Hoohaa Happening Weekend


I had the most super fantabulous fabulousity hoohaa happening weekend last week. My Saturday was full and starting Friday, I had great time with beloved friends.

In my entry last Thursday, I talked about going to watch 'So You Think You Can Mamak' at the PJ Live Arts' PJ Laugh Fest.

I went with my friend Shireen. So we met up after work last Friday and had dinner before heading back to my office to leave our cars. OMG, we really loved the show!!:D.. It was really good to see comedians poking fun at our mamak culture, the things they discussed and the various characters they encounter. Shireen and I had a blast, memang gelak sakan. Too bad we don't think some of the foreign audience may have a difficulty understanding some of the jokes as they were in Malaysian context and pertaining to Malaysian issues, but still, it was a great performance. Personally speaking, I think Kuah Jenhan stole the show with his various sub-roles in between the main characters' mamak chatters. This young man definitely has a bright future ahead of him, and I'd definitely watch his future shows.

We're thinking of going to some other shows as well, so we'll see kalau still within our bajet bulanan hehehe..

Saturday was another busy day for me. In the afternoon, I went for another gathering with my Cat Lovers geng at Subang Hijaunan, had a good chat with other cat mommies and shared stories of our feline kids' antics. Too bad no photos were taken. I brought Mimi as usual, and she had a blast too meeting her fans hehehhe. Bukan apa, my Mimi is lawyas the crowd favourite because everyone geram with her debab body and pretty face. Awww...I'm a typical mother aren't I? Gushing over my pride and joy:D

But then after that I had to rush back as I had to get ready for another ladies' night outing with my uni friends. Adoi...Dahlah ngam-ngam sampai rumah it was raining very heavily. Had to park the car nearer to my building entrance as I had to lug Mimi in her carrier back home. Kesian Mimi maybe kena hujan sikit. Tapi takpe, Mummy still shielded her under the protective brolly:D

Dah tu sampai kat rumah pulak a small part of my floor was wet due to the rain. So I spent some time cleaning it up, mopping the floor before I could actually shower and get ready for my outing.

Then lepas tu, I had a really great time with my girl friends. Shireen and Syakie picked my up at my place before we went to Bandar Tun Razak to get Hasfa and Shah. Yepps..lucky kitorang semua size comey lotey :) and boleh muat in one car, before off to Pavillion we went. Shireen made a reservaton for us at Al-Amar of the 6th floor. Syiok la sebab memang we wanted to go for Middle East feast.

And as usual, when we girls get together, apa lagi..lotsa posing and photo taking la!!:)

We arrive early, so to kill time, and to mengalas perut sikit (everybody was starving) we lepak at the Food Republic and shared rojak and popia set. Even the drinks pun we shared hahahaha...

Posing lagi...(cilok ur FB photo k Shireen?;)

Our reservation was at 8.30PM, so after that we made our way up. Posing lagi depan restaurant hehehhe..(Ni tak payah tunjuk la..)

Us five girls-ala the waiter tak reti sangat ambik gambar la...:(

Our feast:

Hiks...semua badan je kecik, tapi that night memang all our gastronomical tanks become much larger!!

We had fun talking, gelak-gelak, mengumpat, shared and tasted each other's food that the time went by pretty fast. But worry not, we took our time eating cause we also wanted to wait for the restaurant's special treat -a belly dance performance. So by the time the belly-dancer arrived, it was easily around 10++ already. But we didn't mind, the night was still young!

Bila belly-dancer tu keluar, alamak, jealousnya tengok body dia. Suddenly I felt like enrolling in belly dance class la!!Hahahhaha...Tak percaya? Tengok la..

Really enjoyed the dance yang diiringi oleh this Arab singer. Handsome jugak despite his scruffy look;)..Bad boy look I think hahahhaha. To bad we didn't get any proper shot of him, but yeah we had fun enjoying the performance while enjoying our dessert after that.

But when the bill came...Errkks....Tak boleh nak cakap la. Suffice to say it'll be a loooonnnnggg time before we went for a treat like this again;)

If you think the night was over for us, you're wrong! After that we left the restaurant and took some more photos.

Pinjam lagi your FB photo of our hot pose ya Shireen?;)

We went up again to Pavi GSC sebab ingatkan nak either catch a late night movie or go for karaoke. Sadly, all tickets were sold out, and the same goes for karaoke rooms:(. We left Pavilion then towards other places, but check-check online other places like Midvalley pun tickets sold out. At times pulak takde internet coverage so we could not check the ticket availability status at other cinemas.

I then suggested we go to Tropicana Mall and checked out in case we could still secure seats there. Off we went, and true enough we got our tickets for Iron Man 2 at 1AM, but....we HAD TO SIT AT THE FRONT ROW!!!:(( Sedihnya. But it's OK la..apa nak buat since we were already there, might as well just enjoy the show - and we did. Although sometimes I did doze off, and it was quite uncomfortable sittng at the front row. Pelik sikit GSC Tropicana ni. Usually at other cinemas the front row is quite farther from the screen, and nak mendongak pun tak la berapa sakit sangat. But the hall that night front row dia dekat la dengan screen:(..

We left for our respective homes at past 3AM. Great day, tiring, but great day nevertheless. OK..on to our next outing girls! Karaoke? Seafood? What's important is spending time with your loved ones, and that includes your friends kan?;)


  1. hehe... al amar kan ni... been there couple of months ago... the food sedap tapi ralit tengok belly dancer, mmg sexy habis... i yang pompuan ni pun tengok smp ternganga..

  2. Yes Lady, Al Amar. Nice kan? I like to eat lamb kalau nka makan Arabic food ni.

    Ala belly dancer to biasala pakai cenggitu. Jangan ternganga!!Tutup mulut tu heheh


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