Sunday, 11 April 2010

Everybody's Fine


On Friday, while waiting for the time to get to gym, I pop by at Section 14 and went to Jaya 33. The thing is, my favourite dvd store is over there and I needed some new dvd's,as well as to get to the Digital Mall to check out the price for a new memory card for my camera. I misplaced that memory card and I cannot find it!:(

So I bought 5 dvd's for RM40, and they are Sherlock Holmes (which I already watched at the cinema), Precious, Everybody's Fine, Nine, and It's Complicated.

So I just finished watching Everybody's Fine, and somehow, after watching it, I sort of...reevaluated my relationship with my Dad.

Some still snippets of the movie:

Here's a bit of an info about the movie:
Widower Frank Goode has had to make plenty of adjustments since losing his wife about a year ago, but maybe the hardest one has been maintaining his relationships with his four adult children. It would seem that Frank's wife was the glue who held the family together, and when all of the kids bug out on a planned visit home, he decides to set out on a trip around the country, dropping in on each of their lives in order to help put things right. But their relationships aren't as simple as they once seemed, and Frank's paternal intuition is telling him that his sons and daughters are hiding something from him - and if the Goodes want to become the family they once were, the truth will have to come out before Frank returns home.
*Sourced from here

I guess the movie is all about familial connection, the irony being now that we have gadgets like the cellphones and fast internet connection, Skype, 3.5G connections and video calls and such, by right we should be closer. But instead, how can families drift further apart even when they live within easy access to each other?

It's also about kids meeting their parents' expectation and whether they have made their parents proud. I admit, I never really gave it much thought but I do wonder if I've made my parents, especially my Dad, proud. I'd like to think I did. But as much as I know, education-wise, I've fulfilled his hope for me, have I done enough in any other parts and roles I play?

Do I communicate with him enough? Shamefully, I don't think so. Yeah I call home everyday, but just like in this movie, it's normally to talk to Mum. Do I tell him about my life enough? No, because I think as an adult, I'd want to portray the impression that I got everything sorted, even when in a really deep $#!+..I guess as kids, we are used to not disclosing everything to our parents. We keep our secrets from them, and though we always say our life's fine, in some ways it can't be perfect, it can't be all rosy and dandy. For example, I kept the fact that I bought an apartment until the purchase is final because I was afraid they might stop me from buying that house. We want to prove to our parents that we can manage everything there is to manage in our life. Hmm...but sometimes, turning to them is not that bad at all ehh?

We don't know how much time we have left to be with our parents, and I guess, watching this movie jolted me out of my carelessness and the fact that I may have taken them for granted.

OK..this is a promise to myself, I'll talk to my Dad more. I'll again be his little girl who tell him everything (Everything??Takkan laaa..???)..err well..I might have to give more thoughts on that:)

*P.S-Project Kitchen hari ini: Asam Pedas (yang tak pedas langsung, apala punya cili giling tak boleh pakai ni!!) and Creme Caramel. Boleh bawak bekal ke office esok!:)

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