Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tony Roma's Lagi dan Yippee Yiyeayyy Good News:)


I am seriously addicted to the Tony Roma's ribs now. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki, sesekali dapatla makan sebab harga dia mak oii...Let's just say for occassional indulgence, bolehla pegi makan.Lagipun bahaya jugak kalau makan banyak kali, it's fatty and of course, high cholestrol!

And alhamdulillah, last week I went there again to have their signature ribs with my friend, Siti Aishah. She promised to belanja makan kat Tony Roma's so last Saturday we met up at the Sunway Pyramid outlet and errmmm...melantak makan ribs hahahhahha...

They were having a 10-ribs special in cunjunction with 4th of July celebration. So imagine trying to finish 10 big ribs in one seating. We didn't know how big a serving it was sebab we insisted on ordering a starter of their equally gobsmacking-ly glorious fried mushroom. It comes with the honey mustard dipping, which I just luuurrrvvvveee!!!

10 big ribs. Nah hambekkk!! Besar-besar plak tu..

And this is the big plate of fried mushroom. Sedapnya..very crispy. Tapi kalau berangin dalam badan lepas tu sure start pening-pening

We ended up not finishing those ribs pun, sebab each rib was quite big, even bigger than the ones I had kat Midvalley a few weeks ago.

Both of us could only finish 2 ribs each, which left another 6 to be tapau-ed home. Just nice to be spilt half-half.

After that, we thought about watching a movie. But after lining up at TGV and not being able to secure the ticket for 'Knight and Day'-cerita Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz tu- we decided to headed off somewhere else, so we went to Puchong area instead. I thought of looking up home stuff, maybe survey harga cat and curtains and things like that, and we settled at IOI Mall. The building looks good after it was expanded last year. We then went to Tutti Fruitti for some yoghurt ice-cream. Mahal jugak Tutti Fruitti ni ekkk..?

This one 3/4 tub cost me about RM20. Yikes!!!

After that we managed to get tickets for the 7PM show for 'Knight and Day'. A very nice movie,lots of hilarious scenes and witty dialogue. We liked it!

So that was what I did last weekend. The weekdays pulak went by pretty quickly. On Tuesday I even MC'ed a big event at my work place. Very nerving, as the VIP was His Honourable Minister and Deputy Minister themselves. And it was my first 'big' emceeing duty! Thank god I pulled it off, thanks to my emcee partner that day.

Anyway I actually haven't gotten around to notify the change of address to all my mails, which means they're still arriving at my old office. My former receptionist, Kak Nora is nice enough to keep them for me.

Yesterday afternoon I took a half day off to go for my periodical check-up at UMMC. It ended quicker than usual-arrived at 1PM, and left at around 3.15 (thanks to my doctor, who happens to be my friend too). That gave me an ample time to visit my old office which is just nearby. I also collected my mails from Kak Nora, and one of them, which I opened last night, happened to be this:

Tak nampak? No clear enough? Let's zoom dekat sikit:)


Yippeee!! This means that I can now collect my keys. But before that, kena bayar dulu RM190++ for some administrative matters la, key card la, etc, and then boleh buat appointment for joint inspection. I've been looking at forums on house inspection, and definitely will be employing my eagle-eye expertise bila check rumah nanti.

So finally, I have my own place!!:)

*Tanak pikir dulu the cost that will be incurred later, nanti rosak mood!*

In the meantime, I'll just sengih-sengih je lah!!


  1. Yeay!!! Dapat kunci pun dah syukur byk2. Risau coz byk rumah terbengkalai. At least, dah confirm mmg ada tempat berteduh ye tak? Whatever, it's home!

  2. Liyana,
    Yeayy too! Ha'ahh alhamdulillah the project pun jalan on schedule, they're quite reputable and amongst the few yg actually practise the build-and-sell policy, so we were assured of the delivery kan.

    My friend kat Pontian beli rumah since 2002, sampai sekarang tak masuk-masuk lagi! I taun 2002 tu langsung tak terpikir lagi pun nak beli rumah ke apa. Tapi dia cakap rumah dah siap actually, tapi tak tau apasal tak settle2 lagi. Hmm...kesian la yg jadi mangsa ni...


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