Friday, 12 February 2010

Off for Another Short Holiday...

I guess the East Coast holds some kind of attraction for me, mostly attributed to the shopping for kain part heheheh...

So this time tomorrow, I should be driving there via the East Coast Highway towards Kuantan and Kemaman first, before using the coastal road towards Kota Bharu. This is the third Chinese New Year in a row that I go to KB. Two years ago it was with Nina, and that was my very first trip there. Then last year's CNY I went with my sister and her two friends, and again, with Nina as our guide/driver there.

This time, Mum, Dad and my cousin Ina will be with me, while Nina would be waiting there again, to be our guide/driver. Thanks babe!!:)

Dad has been wanting to come to this side of Malaysia since last year. This is because in his previous visits, they've been work-related so he never had the chance to really explore the place. So if we have the time, we'll also take the time to stop by at Kuala Terengganu too, maybe on our way back to KL on Monday.

So wish us a great time and safe journey OK!!


  1. Thanks....I see that Lady pun ada gi holiday gak kan??..Kiss muah2 to Arri n Molly!!


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