Monday, 25 October 2010

I Lost My Blogging and Cooking Mojos

Sorry for having gone AWOL for the past month and almost half. I know I've been playing truant for not updating my blog, but I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. And my cooking mojo too...

Dah berapa banyak jampi I baca, but kemalasan berblog mengatasi segala. So hari ni kupanggil mentera semerah padi, so datang la ia menjelmakan diri...Wahh...Hebat kan Mizz Ray bermadah??Hahhahah....(Bukan madah berhelah yer...)

Anyway, many things have come and gone in the period that I haven't been updating this space. Raya came and gone, and I'm getting busier by the day at the office. Some weekends were spent free and easy, and some were full with outings and activities with family and friends. I guess this is the right time to finally sit down and write something here, looking as though I'm less stressed by work right now. Baru balik dari berperang you...berperang kat ofis la, finishing up projects with deadline, spending lotsa of extra hours in the office and even staying back on Friday evenings instead of having nice relaxing dinners with friends.

I'm also excited about finally putting into gear on turning my new place into a home. I've been scouring home deco magazines for months, been going to Homedec and what-not kind of fairs held this past few weeks, acquiring quotations for possible things to be done at my apartment, and not to mention going in and out of various shops and visualising how each item would look like in my new place.

I'm not really sure if I will chronicle that journey here, but Insya-Allah I will try to. Hope that won't be misconstrued as menunjuk-nunjuk or being poyo, or whatever, but hopefully it'll be a good sharing session.

I've also lost my cooking mojo. Dah lama tak whip up something grand in the kitchen. but I guess that's understandable, because sekarang mood rasa nak cepat-cepat pindah rumah baru je hehhehe...

I've also started packing up my stuff into some boxes, especially the ones I know I don't need anytime soon. But always, they end up at the mercy of my kids! Pantang budak-budak ni jumpa kotak, mesti nak masuk and main! And pantang jumpa kotak, mesti nak cakar!! Bising jugak mulut Mummy halau diorang, but I do indulge them with their boxes fetish once in a while. I only hope they won't be stressed out by the shift of home nanti. I will also train them to adopt some new toilet habits, so hopefully I succeed! I also hope to place them once in a while in a big cage, especially when my family is around, so that is another thing to look into.

I plan to get moving and settled into the new place come December, since it will coincide with Ma'al Hijrah. When better time to start a new life at a new place than during the new year kan? And hopefully we can get the keberkatan Hijrah tu sekali, insyaAllah:)

So that's my ramble for the time being. Nanti kalau dah dapat recover my blogging mojo tu 100%, I will surely put in more pictures and more stories, but at least for now, I'll just day, HELLO AGAIN!!:)


  1. salam.. pjg ngerepak ktk ya hehehe.. sik al bah.. slow2 berblog, tp pastikn lak gambar eboh lupak engkah share ngan kmkorg heee :)

  2. Hhahahha..sik la panjang ney kerepak tuk. Just mukadimah ajak ya. Semadi nya sikda diselang seli ngan gambar, nendak rupa mcm panjang.

    Yalah kelak share2 gambar n pengalaman ngerja rumah tuk...Feni...fenin...


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