Thursday, 14 April 2011

30BPC-Day 11: A Picture of Your Favourite Memory


This is a tough one I think. Some memories, for me, are best kept personal. And most of the time, the best memory don't get captured in a photo. How would you know whatever you're doing will be your best memory yet betul tak??

And on occassions where pictures did get captured, they stand equal amongst the other memories that are your favourite. But still, honestly, this is tough. Time with my family is always good, and so is time with friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

But one of them for me, would be this:

My parents, by the Badaling Highway after our visit to the Great Wall of China. It's good to be able to go for this trip with them and fulfilled my Dad's wish of going there. InsyaAllah hopefully there will be more rezeki for us to take them to other places as well. They're keen on going to Turkey, so I guess that's the next in their list.

That's it I guess, one of my favourite memories:)


  1. hi rayy.. love the photo too, sweet sangat.. belakang tu great wall of china yer?

  2. Hi Lady..

    Thankss:))..Ha'aahh belakang tu part of Great wall la, but the entrance yg kitorang guna untuk naik tu was at the other side. Ni kitorang just singgah kejap nak amik gambar je..

    U take care of the bambino dear;;)


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