Monday, 11 April 2011

30BPC-Day 8: Your Dream Wedding

Awww shoot!! I'm so dreading this!

Every girl (girl ke aku???) at any point of their life has surely fantasised about their wedding day when they were very very young.

However, it was too long ago a memory that I don't even remember ever fantasising about mine! Honest to goodness! Sumpah!!

Another confession, now I don't harbour such thought anymore. I guess if it happens, it happens. Call me cynical and have given-up on life-long commitment? Maybe in a way I am, but I prefer to think and fantasise about it when I know who I'll share the rest of my life with;)

I'd want it to be a simple and intimate celebration with family and friends, befitting how much I (and my family?) can afford. As to what I'll wear or how I want the pelamain (dais) to look like, sorry, I just don't know:)

As long as it has this:

The Akad Nikah

A shiny rock on my finger;;)

And perhaps...

One of these babies as among the hantarans, I'm good to go ahahhaha...

As for the rest, let me think about it when, and if the time comes, ok?:)) And I pwomise I won't be a bridezilla!:)



  1. wah kemek...tak agak2 ko letak mahima wakaka...insyallah akan berada dlm gengaman mu...amin...

  2. Hikhikhikkk...

    Harusss..!! Kena ada kat atas dulang hantaran yer..:)


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