Saturday, 9 April 2011

30BPC-Day 6: A Song to Match Your Mood

Como es tas?? :)

It's Saturday! Gee...a song to match my current mood? Hmmm...Honestly, can;t think of any. Right now, I'm somewhere between happy and gream with myself. Today, I thought I wanted to do a few errands. Like going to the management office to claim my renovation deposit and then take my car to be serviced. but I had an appointment at 11, and this lady who wanted to sell a relatively good hydro-cleaner came to do a demo. The product is good, but the price is beyond what I can afford. I thought it won't take that long, and that I could still get to the management office when she;s done and before I was suppose to leave. But it went longer than I thought, and then I discovered that my kitchen is flooded with water!! Turned out there's a leak at my pipe, and I had to turn the main kitchen area pipe to stop the water.

But still I wanted to leave the house to get the car serviced. So I called up my cousin adn told her I wanted to go to the mechanic in her area. But then, I was hungry, so I tapau-ed some KFC for us and ended up staying back and played with my nephew instead!! Chishhh!!..Then her hubby came back from work and we went out to the nearby Jusco and shopped! Errkkksss...

So I'm kinda between happy (cause I got some stuff!) and had that 'dohh moment due to whatever that I didn't achieve today.

Aiayayya...sorry ye long ramblings! So what is the suitable song to match the mood ya? bout this? American Idol is my guilty pleasure hehhe..and oddly, this season I kinda follow it more religously than previous few seasons. My favourite contestant, Pia was eliminated this week-I'm so bummed.It was obviously a major shocking elimination. I mean, other people like Jacob should be out!!. So I'm selecting her last performance to reflect my mourning her departure. She's a really good singer with a complete package, and hopefully she'll be just as successful as the other unexpectedly-eliminated contestants like Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. Go Pia!!!

Oh here's another one to signify who I am, not just my mood;)

OK, see ya tomorrow peeps! Hopefully my tomorrow is as productive as I hope;)

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