Monday, 18 April 2011

30BPC-Day 15: Something You Don't Leave The House Without


It's the new week, and I didn't go to gym today. But this evening, I received a sad news. My grand-aunt, my Nek Udak, has passed away at her daughter's place not far from my parents' place back home:((..Innalillahh...

She was my late grandfather's younger sister, and since my grandparents died, she was the closest I had for a grandmother. Her own children are also close to my mum and uncle, and they were like siblings actually. In fact, her eldest son is considered my mum's saudara susuan (breasfeeding brother?) because my late grandmother used to breasfeed him when he was a baby as he is just slightly younger than my mum.

Anyway, let's move on to today's assignment shall we?

Here it is the bag that I almost never leave home without.

That's my gigantic Doraemon-bag, aka my Charles & Heith hobo which I bought early this year. Big in size, into which I can put everything I need when I'm on the go. On it are the stuff I always have inside it - my wallet, my sunglasses, and now my GPS, car keys and of course, a compact powder. Actually a few more items, like my mobile phone, are also those I can't leave home without, but they didn't make it in the picture.

But of all those things, I think the ones that is totally indispensable must be my car keys and my wallet.

OK I guess that's it. Till tomorrow yeah..

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