Saturday, 16 April 2011

30BPC-Day 13: A Picture of Your Favorite Band or Artiste


I'm back again:)..

Today started off on a very er...wet note. It was a perfect Saturday morning-rainy, cool and the bed beckons with the temptation extremely hard to resist. I had made plans to go to the PC Fair today, but because of the cool day, I could not pick up my lazy %$$ from the house and get to KLCC. There's always tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes.

OK back to this assignment. Hmmm..favourite band or artiste? Problem is, I've go quite a few! So how? OK tak pedulik! Nak tepek more that 1 jugak!! Hahhaha...

Among them..

U2..The ultimate rock band

Beyonce..the beautiful lady with unbelievable talent

Anuar Zain..The crooner of choice;) *cue long sigh*

The Beatles, the pioneer. Will hopefully be able to trace their history if I go to Liverpool

Well, with the exception of The Beatles (of course), these are the people I wouldn't mind spending money to watch them in concert. Did actually buy the tickets for Beyonce's scheduled concert in KL a couple of years back, but we know what happened kan? *sigh*

Anyway..till tomorrow!

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