Tuesday, 12 April 2011

30BPC-Day 9: A Photo of the Item You Last Purchased

This will be a quick one. As usual, on Tuesdays I get home pretty late after gym and hanging out with friends. After this I can't be online for too long cause I need to sleep earlier - need to wake up again at around 3AM to watch the second leg of the United-Chelsea European Champions' League quarter-final. We beat Chelsea last week 1-0 and Stamford Bridge, and so tonight's game at Old Trafford will hopefully be a touch-and-go game, and that we're through to the semis without any hitch.

So anyways, this is the item I last purchased:)

Cat not included!! Hahahhaha..

It's a comforter set and I got this last Friday at the Jusco member's sale during my Friday lone excursion to Jusco Tmn Equinne. Original price: RM900++. The price I got for this last Friday? RM150:))..So happy!!

Actually, I kinda tipu. The last purchase I made was actually a gift for my friend Leo's newborn baby, which I bought today at Alamanda. Tapi tak boleh tunjuk, takut mummy baca post nih!!:)) Sorry la ekkss:))

OK that's it. Till tomorrow!!

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