Monday, 3 August 2009

Short Trip to Singapore

My brother is a hard-core Liverpool supporter, so whenever I'm home and it's EPL season, the situation can be a bit tense if it so happens that two channels are screening games for both teams, and even more so when United and Liverpool are playing against each other. Thank god I wasn't home when we got beaten at OT last season:((

Anyway, for their Asian pre-season tour, this time the Scoucers went to Thailand, Singapore and....(sorry I can't remember, cause I just don't care), and earlier on he told me he might be coming down to Singapore to watch the game.

Fast forward a month later and on the night he was due to fly out to KL, he called me and told me he was on his way, and that he was bunking with me before he and his good friend drive down to Singapore.

So last two Friday evening, he took the red eye flight out of Kuching and arrived at my place at around 1.30am due to the flight delay. Their original plan was that to drive down in the morning, but I told him since both of them would not get sufficient sleep and rest, it'd be better to drive later in the afternoon. Suffice to say, once the bright mroning came, another change of plan-the friend decided to bring along his wife and mum as they also wanted to visit their Singapore relatives and visit his sick grandmother.

To cut the long story short, it was then decided that my brother and I would drive on our own and stay in Johor Bahru before we cross over to Singapore, jalan-jalan then I would get back on my own and he would stay back a few more hours for the game. As we also have a cousin there, we enlisted her help in getting us booked into a resonably cheap hotel near her place...Kira OK la budget hotel only ya..

So on Sunday, as per the friend's advice we were sent to Larkin bus hub and took a bus to Singapore. Disembarked at Kranji MRT and the friend then picked us up. As it was really just a short visit for me, we just spent the day jalan-jalan, makan-makan a bit then I took the evening bus back to JB.

Right, I'd better let the photos do the talking now then...

This is around the area of Sultan Mosque and Bussora Street. The mosque is the oldest in S'pore, and surrounding it is a nice tourist attraction. I commneted that it reminds me of Melaka's Jonker Street, with its old school-like street. That's the road leading there (sorry I honestly can't remember the street name) and me posing with the mosque on the background.

That's my brother in his Spain shirt...Ahh...the men I love tend to support Spain la...Not that I have anything against them;)

Then we went to the nearby Malay Heritage Museum. It was formerly the palace of a sultan, just not sure which la..Sorry if I got the fact wrong ya..feel free to correct me. I guess maybe cause of the short time we had there so I skipped all the fact-finding mission. Notice the building's similarity to KL's Saloma Bistro/Malaysia Tourism Centre at Jalan Ampang?

After that we went to Marina Barrage,a state-of-the-art barrage dubbed as the 'reservoir in the city'. As with any other barrage it also functions as a key that controls the water flow in and out of the city state. Inside there's this Marina Barrage Gallery which is the information centre for all things related to Singapore irrigation and water afflictions-if there ever is an affliction la. Anyway I really love this gallery, it's also an environment/green awareness place.

That's just me outside the observation deck. On the other side is the Marina Bay where the construction of Singapore's casino belt was progressing nicely, as well as their famous Singapore Flyer, currently the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world. Definitely many times bigger than Eye on Malaysia.

At the recycle part of the Gallery. Notice the wall I was leaning on??It's made of mineral water bottles, thousands of them!

This is another part of the Gallery. Very futuristic, I felt like stepping into a club:)

By the time we were done with Marina Barrage, it was makan time. Really sorry can't remember where Amir and his wife took us, but these are among the things we had.

This is the mamak sup tulang. Fiery red in colour, but the taste is really mild actually. Eaten with the accompanying bread.

I ordered nasi penyet set.But instead of chicken I ordered fish. Guna ikan bawal hitam, and I really love the crisply fried fish. By then I have started getting mild headache (which later escalated to become a full-blown migrain)so I could not really enjoy my meal. My brother had the chicken set though.

This is lamb cooked with potato. Well, that's where all the meat gone I reckon before they stewed the bones for the sup tulang there. Not recommended due to high cholestrol content, but for the sake of tasting, I thought why not. I think if I'd taken more of those stuff I'd probably get my migraine much earlier.

After that it was just us driving around the city. By then I spent more time closing my eyes and rubbing my own head because of the headache.

So around 4 they sent me back to the Kranji MRT so I could catch the bus back to JB. By the time I arrived in JB my cousin had already been there to take me back to our hotel. She stayed with me during that weekend, but because of that darn migraine, we forgo our original plan of jalan-jalan ronda JB after that and rested and watched TV in the room instead, till the time to pick my brother up at Larkin again later that night.

The visit to Singapore was too short for my liking but at least I knew I will be back there and this time really savour all that the city state has to offer. I'd definitely want to go to Sentosa and look at the Merlion for real, maybe, but I will be back;)

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