Friday, 28 August 2009

Long Weekend, Merdeka Weekend

This past few days has been a prelude to what KL is gonna be like in more or less three weeks-clearer traffic with less people.

It's gonna be a long weekend because Monday is the Merdeka holiday, so...I'm going on a...

I'm going with Nina, and after sahur tomorrow, we will be heading east to..Kelantan, her home state. Specifically, we'll be in that would be Kota Bharu.

For me it'll be a much-needed short getaway before the Raya hectic sets in, and it'd be nice to go there again. Will definitely be doing some shopping, but cross me fingers I don't cross the line:)

So wish us a safe journey ya??..though it's not a spring break, but it's still a break..;)

photos courtesy of Mr. Google and those who put their watermark there...

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