Thursday, 28 January 2010

Adjusting My Life

Ok...I know that people normally do their self reflection/wishlisting/resolution-making exercise at the end of the year.

I normally do not do that. At least, maybe not consciously or as deeply as I have been doing for the whole of this January.

Yes I know, it sounds ridiculous that I only do those things in January. But well, that's Mizz Ray for you, I try to be unlike any other:)

Anyway, I've been doing lots of thinking this month (not that I never do that, in fact one friend reprimanded me for 'thinking too much') and been analysing (yes, I use Brit spelling-what can I say? I'm an editor!) and I have come to certain conclusion and been (meticulously) making some what is hopefully, life-changing, errmm...adjustments. Don't wanna call them resolutions, for I will feel burdened and pressured by that term. But well, yes they are resolutions, but let's not call it that shall we? (Sorry membebel pulak!)

Why do I call it adjustment? Well, basically for me if you use 'resolution' that means something that is totally new to you. But for me, I'm just going to make ADJUSTMENTS to some areas of my life that need to be improved and altered. For example, good habits that may have bored me and thus need to be boosted (i.e. my fitness/excercise regime). It's really comforting to know that I care about my fitness level and I try to work out as much as I can, but it seems like it's never enough. I don't feel any lighter/fitter/helathier. Thus, I know I need to alter some regime or habit in this area that suits my need, or adjustment.

Thus, although I'm freezing my January gym membership, I'll be back in February with better level of consciousness about what I do there that can actually up the ante and challenge my body more. Wake those sleeping muscles up and and get them to work for me!! No more just cardio excercise and to include more weight training, core strengthening and overall body toning. And more of something as simple as drinking plain water! It baffles me la why is it so hard for me to drink plain water and so I must always remember and try to put more aqua inside me. InsyaAllah yakin boleh kann??

I also must tell myself to be more careful about what I eat and to get those healthy food more. Less fried stuff, less makanan bersantan, more vege, more fruits, yada..yada..yada..

I'm also going to do some major adjustments in my finance area. It's a bit messy right now, but I'm educating myself right now and am making the plans towards a healthier finance.

I need to focus more and stay focused if I were to ensure my plans that involve money are executed without any problem. My house is almost ready, so I need to think about filling up that house, renovation, wiring, and as I'm into this all by myself (sedihnya...) I need to keep track of where my money is coming from and more importantly, where is it going.

I also want to travel more and farther and so some percentage should go towards that goal too. I would like to diversify my investment portfolio too and so my constant mantra now is to not shop unneccessarily. Errkk...boleh ke? InsyaAllah boleh:)...No more pointless wandering in shopping malls, no expensive dining (occassional treat can or not??) and errmm...anything that I can do to save lah!:)

So...those are the biggest areas that I need to make radical adjustments at this year. I pray that I can stay focused and stick to them, and hopefully I won't get too overwhelmed by them or worse, pressured by them that I lose focus in everything and well..that's just not good. As for other areas...I will make the adjustments as they go. Wish me luck!

**actually takut tak boleh nak ikut, that's why tanak panggil resolution hehehe...benda cenggini kena guna psycho gak kan??choice of terms and words can influence how we act tau....**

TQ Mr. Google for the photos;)

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