Thursday, 14 January 2010

Travel Plan 2010

Untuk tahun ni, as far as overseas travel plan is concerned, tak sure lagi nak pergi mana. Tu pun kalau ada rezeki berjalan ke negeri orang la...

Actually my dad planned for us to have a family trip to Singapore...

He's been to Singapore yeaaaarrrrrssss ago, masa dia bujang lagi. And that means in the late 60's kot. That's why he is so keen to visit there again, so he can see the new Singapore. Mum pulak the last time she was there was in the 80's I think. I don't remember either, but I know she went there with her Persatuan friends at that time and Dad was left to babysit us at home hehehhe...

And me? Well, my trip there last July was with my brother and as it was just a day trip, of course la tak puas lagi jalan-jalan di sana kan?? This time would love to go the palces I didn't get to go last time.

But then since Dad has his gout again, I'm left with some form of uncertainty of when is the right time for us to go there. Well, I'll play it by ears then. But I reckon hopefully we can go there either end of February of sometime in March.

And certainly not in May because..I'm going to..

SIPADAN ISLAND!!!..And Mabul Island!!!

I'll be flying off to Tawau (with friends) and have a jolly good time relaxing at the beach. And hopefully do some snorkelling..and island-hopping..and tourist-watching, or rather, ang moh watching and enjoy the beauty of God-given land.

We scored the tickets to Tawau during last November's AirAsia free seat giveaways. And with the free seats, I only paid RM58 return-that covers our travel insurance, baggage and shuttle bus fare. Sweet isn't it??

But first, I reckon I gotta learn how to swim!! Or at least, lose some muffin fats around my waist if I were to (ahem) don some beachwear attire hehehhehe...;)..And mentally prepare myself for the inevitable-sun damage, a.k.a sunburn, a.k.a tan!! I don't really remember my skin tolerance to the hot sun (cause it's been such a long time since I last had a beach holiday) so we'll see how it goes and hope for the best from the skincare product I will happen to use at that time.

By the way, Sipadan and its sister island, Mabul were among the top ten best diving spots in the world!!!So I really hope I can have the courage to get into that diving action too..Hmm..Maybe I should borrow some of Marlene's basic diving equipment ehh??

More pix to excite-kan myself!!:)

Masyaallahhh...Cantik kan ciptaan Allah??

Gee.. looking at these photos-I just can't wait!!

Then I'll have a lapse of two months before my trip back home to Kuching in July. That's another free tix I scored from AA during the giveaway. This time I paid only RM38-baggage charges and airport tax. Even sweeter!! And this time, I'll be home for..

The Rainforest World Music Festival-the largest and the best, the most happening world music event EVER!!

As a Kuching native, I am proud to say that we have the best world-class music festival where everyone who share the common interest of love for music come together adn watch and learn from those who are masters in this genre in their country.

Been to this Festival a few times, especially when I was still living in Kuching, and this time I make sure that I don't miss it again. Seriously, going to the concert here, you'd feel like you're in some kind of European country punye summer concert (cause banyak ang moh kann) and everyone from different parts of the world join in the camaraderie and passion for music. And the best thing is that the audience can join in the fun and jam together with the musicians especially during their afternoon workshops and jam sessions. far these are the details of my travel plan for the time being. Hopefully ada rezeki I will execute them and have fun along the way.

But I must tell myself that I need to save up for my (planned) European trip soon. I could go either with my sister and cousin, or maybe with friends as we have some people to visit in the Continent. Insyaallah, this will also be my motivator to work harder and earn as much as I can..(aside from the fact that my apartment construction is almost completed, which means I need more money). But well...that's another matter yeah...For the time being, let's travel and widen our horizon while we still can!


  1. Dah lama teringin nak pegi Mabul tu....tunggu anak2 besar le...sebab duduk tengah laut cam tu :-)

  2. Eynda..

    Takpa Eynda wakilkan kita enjoy2 kat situ hoccay??;)

  3. sabah mmg byk pulau cantek2..i likeeeeee....takyah pi sampai maldives pon takpe...hahaha..kemain ko ek..siap dah plan gitewwwwwwww

  4. ya ampun.. sungguh cantik ciptaan Allah...
    teringin nak ke pulau yg cantik2 mcm ni... uwaaa... u nak pi bulan 5 eh.. bestnya... i so wanna go... tapi tak tau lah bila...

    nanti wakilkan i sekali ye hehe..

  5. Opie,

    Tapi tetap teringin gak nak gi Maldives...feeling ala2 honeymoon kannn??Huhuhu

    Memang cantik kan?Ni baru tgk gambar. nanti dah betul2 sampai tak tau la camner..mau pengsan kot sbb syiokk sgt hehhe

    Well...ajakla cek abang pegi coti2 ke pantai plak. Asik naik gunung je heheh


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