Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Festive Season, Season to Makan?

OK, so now I'm a bit more inspired to fill up the space left by my laziness to post proper new entry. It's unfair to view making entry in your blog as a chore kan? OK OK la...suffice to say I just had a bit of a writer's block and am now finally able to flow out the words...bla..bla...

Anyway for the last six weeks I've been in a non-stop succession of festivities, social events (social events kerrr..??), mini vacation/getaway and celebrations, emphasised by the fact that each of them due to the public holliday falling on Friday. So I've been having extended weekend for the last six weeks, which finally came to a halt this week *sigh* (what am I rambling about anyway???)

So here's a little roundup of the festive season/season to makan/festivities in the life of Mz. Ray. A few earlier ones may have been written before, but I will just give them a passing mention.


It was Hari Raya Aidiladha. Like mentioned in the previous few entries, I had a minor celebration at my friend Sam's place. Small gathering of friends, and of course MAKAN...Sorry for breaking your plate Sam...Tak sengaja hehhehe.

Ceritanya, I was having his delicious mihun goreng and as he was also serving some Raya cookies in his cookie jar, thought I wanted to have a piece. I was sitting on the floor, and so I put my plate down la. Then after I took out a cookie, I really thought I closed the lid tightly, but then again it slipped off my hands. I dropped the cookie jar and landed on the plate. Jadinya pinggan tu terbelah tiga. Oopppss...sorry again Sam darlenggg...Malu!!*blushing*


Flew home for my cousin Ida's wedding. Had a great time reuniting with family. The story is in the previous few entries.

On the 11th itself I didn't do anything much. That was when we had a holiday due to the Sultan Selangor's birthday. But on the next day, Saturday, I had a small gathering with my other cat lover friends in Putrajaya.

Great time meeting some of them for the first time, but generally I've met them before this in our previous gathering.

Then, on that early Sunday morning, the 13th., another great time with my usual group of friends. This time we had a morning picnic at Kiara Park in the nearby Taman Tun. Posed for lots of photos, and more importantly, of spending precious times and sharing good food with friends. Oh...and to cuci mata too;)


It was the Maal Hijrah holiday. But me and a few friends decided to go for a day trip to Cameron Highland. What was originally supposed to be a two-car convoy trip turned into a four-car convoy trip with some other people joining us, mostly friends of friends. It was enjoyable nonetheless. Great time to meet new people and make new friends. We had fun going to various places like the Kea Farm and the strawberry farm. Before returning to KL, our car detoured into the Boh Plantation despite it being way after the closing time. Thank god the guards still allowed us in, even if just to take some photos.

Brought home about RM20 worth of vegetables and corns, which took me about 2 weeks to finish. But well, I still have some also at home, and hope to have the will to finish them off before they go bad.

Tasted nice strawberry waffle, with dollops of strawberry jam and ice cream-easily the best thing I had there. I also ran into a uni mate, who came there with her family. Nothing much has changed, and it was indeed nice to know that she's having a good family life now:)

OK more pictures;)

On the next day, Saturday 20th. I had a mini gathering with school friends at The Curve. It was also a great time catching up with Marlene, whom I have not met since we left school, and Siti Aishah. Too bad the other friends couldn't make it, but we promised we'd hook up again in the near future. Everybody's done good with our respective lives.

We had such good chat and meal that we didn't really bother about posing for photos.


OK OK so again, on Christmas Day itself I didn't do anything special in particular. I just went shopping for some grocery and later on met Siti Aishah (again!) and we went to watch Sherlock Holmes that night.

Originally my group thought we'd have a Xmas Eve party/potluck makan-makan. But as everyone was at work that day, we posponed to to Saturday 26th, so instead we had the Boxing Day makan-makan.

But before that, another reunion lined up in my social calendar. this time to 'celebrate' our 10 years of university graduation. Can't believe it's been 10 years since I graduated from UM, and to see my friends again-well some of them. Others I regularly meet, but a few of them memang tak pernah jumpa since graduation. We had our reunion lunch at Paya Serai Restaurant, PJ Hilton. Told ya that day was my biggest makan feast day!

Once I was done with my reunion lunch, I went straight back home and started preparing the last part of my shepherd's pie, this time for the makan-makan feast that night at Pantai Hillpark. I also tossed some salad (those from the CH trip) before leaving home at around 8.00pm.

31/12/2009-The New Year's Eve

So it was finally the end of 2009, and the coming of 2010. The end of my 4-day working weeks, and basically, back to the usual routine, with positive hopes for the new year.

I took a half-day leave on Thrsday, brought my car for a service (long-delayed one) and then settled at home before leaving for our barbecue party that night. I prepared potato salad and also with the leftover cabbages I made some coleslaw. Makan lagi!!*sigh*

Enjoy the pix!

So that's it folks, a roundup of what my previous six weekends have been like. Not saying that I'm very sociable, but I have great people around me who share my interests, who inspire me to be better and educate me in one way or another. I'm grateful for having them around, and I hope whoever I meet in the future can inspire me as these people have and continue doing.


  1. Fuiyooo...sekali harung punya citer hehe....bestnyer boleh ada banyak aktiviti dgn kawan2 :-)

  2. Hehehhe ni pasai kering idea la suma mo combine sekali harung. Kalo banyak idea mcm Eynda best gak.

    Ala takda la banyak sgt aktiviti dgn kekawan..Biasa2 je...:)..Asal buat benda elok and buat kita happy kan?


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