Sunday, 8 November 2009

Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby

Work-wise, it has been a pretty quiet couple of weeks for me. As I have a lot of free time at work (ssshhhh...) I spent the time by surfing blogs, drooling over cuppies blogs and youtubing:)

Anyway, in one of the blogs I went to mentioned about Astro Citra's Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby. Yeah it was screened sometime in June/July over Astro Citra. I had wanted to watch it so much but that required additional subscription, which I wasn't so willing to do at that time.

But I managed to catch all episodes throughout the week. It was a very excellently done mini-series, and I actually cried in a lot of the scenes. More importantly, it really opened my eyes and widened my appreciation to the struggles and sacrifices of those who fought for our independence.

Rosli Dhoby was barely 18 when he was hanged to death by the British, after he assasinated Sir Duncan George Stewart, the 2nd British Governor in Sarawak. I know that my grandparents were among those who also fought against the cessation, but the movement in Sibu was more radical. Rosli was the courageous one who shouldered the responsibility of murdering Stewart.

I won't talk about it much as I'm sure it's written in our history text book, but still, I am proud of what he did, and I'm proud that this mini series was done in a very, very classy manner. And the fact that they did it in Bahasa Sarawak was really the icing on the cake, which made this really a genuine work.

Here's the original soundtrack of the series. Do watch it of you haven't, even if just over the youtube, and I guarantee you you will cry and your patriotism is back.

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