Friday, 30 October 2009

Project Kitchen:Shepherd's Pie

I haven't had a really big kitchen project for a while. So once puasa and Raya were settled, and with the invitation from friends, dapur pun jarang berasap:)Kalau ada masak pun it's really those simple dishes.

That is until Osman, a gym friend invited me to his annual Raya Potluck gathering (refer to previous entry) which means that I need to bring something. He did not assign me for anything specific, and once I confirmed my attendance I told him I'd bring something secret;)

Anyway, I thought I haven't made this pie in a while, so teringin la...I sometimes have strange cravings you see, kalah orang mengandung hehehhe...

So basically the pie filling is more important, and as this was to be a gathering of many friends, instead of the usual minced meat I opted to use the minced chicken. Yelah, we have to think of other people's sensitivity jugak kan?

My chicken filling was quite simple to make. Just chopped onions and a bit of garlic, chopped button mushroom and chopped carrot. For additional flavour (saje-saje) I also added a dash of teriyaki sauce.

After that just press the filling to the bottom of the pie mould. On that weekend from the 2 1/2 packets of minced chicken I managed to fill up four pie moulds with the filling.

For the potato topping, I prefer mine to be creamy and only slightly chunky. But then again, as is any other kitchen creation(??) of mine, tu semua ikut mood jugak hehehhe. That night, after the potato is sufficiently boiled and softened, I put about 2/3 of it into my blender and blended it with a few spoonful of condensed milk. Wahh..this is the Malaysianised style ok, because by right the potato should actually be added with some cream. But cream is a bit expensive, so as I only needed it in small amount, better use a cheaper substitute. Some more it gave a sweetish tinge to the topping taste. Not forgetting a pinch of salt and pepper.

Then the remaining potato pulak I just mashed with my laddle so that there'd be small lumps before all of them were combined. Sadly, after putting them on the waiting filling, the potato I had that evening could only fill up three moulds:((..Looked like I had to freeze the other one and brought three to my friends' places la...(I topped the other one later and brought it and shared it with my boss loved it!!!<--kes bodek Boss ke???)

Once I was done with spreading the topping, off to the oven they went. Baked each of them for about 30 minutes. No need to bake for too long as basically pretty much everything was already cooked.

Sorry forgot to take the photo of the pie after they were properly baked, but not much chnges from the ones in the oven photo. Lagipun after that I was busy having to pack them up to be transported to my friends' houses.

Glad my friends liked them;)


  1. Ala...seminggu sekali je boleh betul-betul bersilat kat dapur ni Eynda..;)


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