Thursday, 1 December 2011

London (Part 4)


It's very hectic at work, and I'm still here in the office, and it's close to 7PM, and the thunder just rumbled outside. I have no idea what time will this be done as I need to deliver it for the Big Boss' approval by tonight, and so whiclst waiting, I'd better get cracking and update my London journey. Smart plan ehh?;)<-- Yeah right, that's what you tell yourself! Luckily I love my job:)

OK, let's continue with my London journal.

On the third day was officially the last day in London as we would be departing to Paris early the next day. So here are the photos. Gee...Padan muka tunggu lepas 2 bulan baru nak update blog pasal trip ni kan...? But don't be too hard on me please, cause a month after that I flew back to London! And also Geneva. But that's another story, we finish off this one dulu ok:)

Amik feel dulu bergambar depan rumah:)

This is where we stayed, and upon leaving, the destination was...

Green Park! Leading to...

Any idea yet??

It's the Buckingham Palace!:)

This is where that famous kiss took place last April.

Ok, once we were done with Buckingham Palace, off we walked back to Green Park station and disembarked at Westminster only to find this sight greeting us upon exiting the station:

Big Ben!:)

Sanggup tu panjat the pagar next to it and asked my brother to practically lie on the pavement just to get this shot ok!! Haahahaha..

Then, we made our way next door to Westminster Abbey. But seriously, the architecture of those old buildings could just blow you away!

After that, we took the train and got off at Bayswater to go to the Malaysian Hi-Comm and have late lunch there. Rindu sambal belacan worr!!:))

Lepas tu jalan mana pulak ehhs? Erkk.. lupa la... But basically that's what we did that day. I guessed we also went to other places like Oxford Street but seriously, can't remember much:)

Till next time, adios day in London! Off to Paris pulak early the next day. Bonjour...!:)

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  1. Kan best kalau kita dpt jumpa. U know what....canteen msia hall kat bayswater tu just 5 mnts walk jer from my house.


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